Colony of Contrivances
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File photo of each working class of item.

Object Class: Vertigo Xeno (See Appendix B)

Interest Level: High

Usage Procedures
Any and all recyclable materials are to be delivered to Facility-42. When a test has been approved by a Beta-class research officer, several resources may be placed into a containment chamber along with an expendable utility in order to be refined. Each test must be observed by no fewer then two (2) researchers.

Storage Procedures
Items are to be contained at Facility-42 in Cell Block 4C. They must be placed into a 10 by 10 by 10 meter containment chamber standard Xeno-class containment chamber. Should any anomalous activity be detected by the surveillance camera, all materials intended for testing purposes may be dispatched into the chamber immediately.

Item consists of a horde of approximately one-hundred and twenty (120) small mechanical clockwork-like automated pieces of construction equipment, each 60cm long, 25 cm wide, and 40 cm tall. They appear to be made from copper, though attempts at analyzing its composition have been inconclusive.

When the machines are left alone, their anomalous properties will activate. They will commence gathering every easy-to-transport material within a 1 kilometer radius. Once all materials have been collected, they will begin constructing either an object or building, the size and construction time of which is dependent on the amount and types of materials they have gathered.

Every object constructed is randomized, regardless of whether or not the same materials are given twice. Most buildings that are constructed don't have a form of entrance and often fall apart after 15-20 minutes due to lack of support beams. However, when resources are supplied with a utility, the outcome will often be an add-on to the utility that can potentially increase its functionality.

The machines consist of 4 different work classes, each performing a different task during construction.

The Steam Shovel: Has the ability to pick up rocks and soil as well as dig underground for hidden materials. The edges of the shovel had capable of breaking through 20 cm of cement. It can move remarkably fast on its feet and can carry up to 20 kilograms of materials at a time.

The Bulldozer: Often used to gather materials and sort them into piles. If one encounters an object that is more than 10 kilograms, it will send off a high frequency sound wave that is undetectable by the human ear. Upon transmitting the sound, several other workers will surround the object and assist in moving it.

They have shown to be slow on their feet, only reaching speeds of .2 meters per second. Their max speed will become even slower if they are carrying an object. This means that it can take up to one hour for one to retrieve several materials.

The Foreman: This is the primary class used for making the constructions themselves. Their 'claws' have been observed to produce an unknown substance which can cause any object they hold to become magnetically charged, regardless of whether or not the object is a conductor. This allows each object to connect with each other in order to hold the construction in place.

They have been known to move at speeds of up to 20 meters per second. Their feet appear to be corroded in the same substance that is produced on their claws, allowing them to climb any surface.

The Forklift: Is mostly used for picking up objects which are too heavy for the Bulldozer class. It can lift up to approximately 40 kilograms and can travel at a rate of 5 meters per second, regardless of the size of the material it is carrying.

Appendix A: Recovery Log
The machines were recovered by a deep-sea submarine in the Pacific Ocean after their radar had detected a huge building they had been constructing, approximately over 800 cubic meters in size. Considering how slow they generally are, it was calculated that it would have taken them ███ years to have completed it to the scale observed.

Upon the machines being recovered they were scheduled to be shipped to an SCP Foundation site via a ship disguised as the USS ██████████. Before the ship could depart from the dock, several recovery agents and task forces managed to intercept the ship and raid it of its supplies. The machines were then brought to Facility-69A for further testing until being assigned a permanent storage.

Appendix B
During a routine check-up of the containment chamber, security guards stationed outside the chamber reported that the items had begun tearing apart several "Steam Shovel"-class workers. Their parts were arranged on the floor to spell out "FEED US DON'T LET US STARVE".

Following this incident, items were upgraded to Xeno class and placed inside a chamber containing a surveillance camera.

Note: I don't give a damn about how many tests you've tried to run on these things, they must be sentient. You saw the message, it's a clear sign that they are dependant on constructing things, it's their source of food. And according to the tests logs they haven't been given any resources to use in well over a month, they were hungry. They did exactly what any other animal would do when they starve, eat one another.

Look, I'm not saying that any of your tests were false or inaccurate, but I think we should at least consider the possibility of them being sentient. Until further notice, I want materials to be dumped into the chamber at least once every two weeks, we don't want to lose any more of these things. -Dr. Lander

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