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As the first ever item to be released, this item holds a sentimental value to our site. It shows the first official Tone and Style that the CI used, and it served as the basis for which the current style was founded on.

As such, this article is not to be edited, deleted or otherwise. Let it serve as a testament to the old site, and as a beacon to the new Insurgency community and old alike.

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Object Class: Xeno

Interest Level: Medium

Usage Procedures
Usage of object is restricted to personnel of Gamma level clearance and up. Personal belongings are to be removed during testing. After usage, any and all items converted by the object are to be sent to Sector laboratory for analysis.

Storage Procedures
Object is to be stored in a Type-81-C containment unit, complete with internal magnetization. Object is to be placed within Xeno-class Storage. Maintenance of internal structure is to be performed annually. Damage is to be repaired by proper personnel as needed.

Object is a 56 x 7 cm oak wood rod with several gold decorations resembling various animals in the style of cubism. Object's tip is pointed and made of copper.

When a subject holds the object and its tip makes physical contact with any form of matter, it will transmute it into a different, often more valuable substance. Transmutation is influenced through the subject imagining a desired substance. No energy is lost during transmutation. See Appendix for examples of object's anomalies.

Appendix: Excerpts from multiple test logs.

Test Log-154435
Test: Test subject instructed to convert eighty (80) grams of oak wood into any substance they desire.
Result: Object converted the substance given into eighty (80) grams of dark chocolate.

Test log-15394
Test: Test subject instructed to convert a mass of silicone, fifty (50) grams in weight, into any substance they desire.
Result: Object converted the substance into eighty (80) grams of granite.

Test log-15400
Test: Test subject instructed to change a standard lab mouse, 300 grams in weight, into a gem in the hopes of understanding object's effect on biological matter.
Result: Object converted the mouse into an emerald of the same shape of it and retaining its previous weight.

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