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This is an obsolete essay kept for archive purposes.

A Word from an Administrator


But seriously, a word from an admin of this site:

You might be one of the members of the old CI wiki, and you're asking "What the hell? Two Chaos Insurgencies? 'tis the end of days!". Before I answer to your confusions, let me also address the newcomers.

Hey there, newcomers! Welcome! This is a fictional, collaborative-writing website about a paramilitary, terrorist-like organization called the Chaos Insurgency. Let me give you a not-so-short rundown:

The CI, in its current iteration, is a formidable, ruthless band of scientists, researchers, agents and special forces that operate to find and retrieve objects and organisms with anomalous or otherwise weird properties, and to study about them and ultimately use their properties for their and humanity's benefit. Any and all potentially useful anomalies encountered by the Insurgency are directly placed under extensive testing and experimentation, until they can be fully, efficiently utilized.

The Chaos Insurgency goes through a lot of difficult, and oftentimes immoral or otherwise 'evil' lengths to achieve its goal. That means, that while the CI's ultimate goal is the betterment of humanity, they are riddled with hardships and necessary acts of evil that are needed in order to achieve the above goal. Hypocritical, in a sense, but hey, it's the CI.

To add, the CI's mission is to 'create logic out of illogic', meaning that they want to make anomalous items seem mundane and normal, and eventually make or force people accept anomalies as a part of normal life. That suggests that they see a future mankind that, to quote, <CLASSIFIED, HAVEN'T MADE THIS YET>

They exist in a world where the paranormal and the paranatural exist, and one where they're not the only players in the game. If the CI aims to implement the usage of anomalies, there is another that aims to contain and simply store them away, the SCP Foundation, the largest player in the parascience community. Funny story, kids. See, in 1924, there was no CI. Oh, man. Ready? In 1924…

Back then, the Foundation was a new thing, and, as opposed to its current version's strict orders for containing anomalies, they had a part which wanted to weaponize anomalies, and eventually, a Foundation civil war happened and we split. More about that soon. Heck, go create some of that history yourself. That's a challenge.

Anyways, there's also the Global Occult Coalition. Bunch of UN-backed badasses with super high-tech gear and magic. They don't do shit to anomalies; they outright destroy them. On the other side of the coin is the quasi-military army of freaks, the Serpent's Hand. They're always enemies with the GOC, and that's mainly because they're practically eco-terrorists with anomalous and magical abilities. They're pretty formidably well-put, though.

So, that's most of the important GOIs covered. There's more stuff at the Groups of Interest page, if you like.

OK, so I'll eventually add more topics to this essay, but this is all I can give you newbies for now.

Back to the veterans, eh? Here's a summary of the site (going to be moved to another page when I feel like it):

The Primordial Age: Describes the time from maybe June of 2013 to September of2013, when we were still in the old site, it was just me, Seadrus, and some other derp dudes. Seadrus tried his best to keep the site running, but eventually, it got a little rusty, and I dunno what happened but three guys, Grittz, DoctorMark, and DoctorCreed (formerly Jamenil) remade the wiki into something more similar to what it is today.

The Golden Age: Site activity and forums were pretty maintained and lively then, but we were pretty restricted and kept down, and that led to

Flashpoints and Falchions: <CLASSIFIED>timately led to a fast shock-and-awe sabotage and mass transfer of data to this site. The first guys who joined here helped in turning a derelict, failed GOI site into the Chaos Insurgency's future home, with a custom theme, new rules and more noticeable deviations from our SCP roots.

Now: A few weeks later, we have a capable site that's slowly getting better and better, a Spanish translation site already up and running with the help of my buddies, and a partnership with our practically sister site, the Psychotronics Division. So, look up, guys and gals, here's to creating logic out of illogic!

And so closes an essay…

Essay written by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus for referencing/informational purposes

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