Old Detrimental Disk

Detrimental Disk

Item: "A Detrimental Disk"
Size: 140 mm in diameter
Usage Precautions: WARNING: Accidental activation of the item may cause severe technical difficulties to its facility
Handling Precautions: Do not touch the symbol; disciplinary measures will occur
Surveillance footage outside containment cell during accidental activation 1 minute before complete system failure.

Item is to be utilized for any circumstances when disruption of technology in the area is necessary. Deployment and activation of the item should be carried out by one ground operative. Due to the sensitive nature of the item's properties, personnel should handle the item with care during usage so as to not activate it prematurely or damage it. Prior to deployment, all vehicles and hardware in the general vicinity should be relocated to the currently established safe zone in compliance with Protocol-Sigma-06. Deactivation of the device depends on the situation at hand.

Currently, the item is stored in a remote area away from public contact. When not in usage, the item is to be contained within a standard combination safe, secured by foam padding to ensure it remains immobile. Surveillance is to be conducted by security personnel (with no technological health aids) on a daily basis. Personnel are to be reminded that electronic and mechanical devices are not permitted within the vicinity of the item. In the event of containment breach, securing the object should be the primary objective before allocation to a new containment zone.

The item is an aluminium disk with a circular symbol inscribed in its center. When in storage, the object displays no anomalous properties detected as of yet. Activation and deactivation of the item is carried out by touching the top of the disk. Once activated, the symbol inscribed upon its surface will immediately glow with a neon green coloration. The disk will then levitate and start rotating at an accelerated rate while emitting a faint humming noise. At this stage, all electronic and mechanical devices within the a certain radius of the area will immediately cease operational functions and suffer total failure. In addition, the device also severely disrupts and nullifies all transmissions and broadcasts coming from the outside during its activation essentially creating a technological dead zone. The effects of the item cease once it is deactivated.

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