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Staff Manual


General Staff

  • Forum:
    • Staff Post:
      • Staff may entitle their post as "Staff Post." This announces their role as Staff and calls users' attention to its contents.
      • A Staff Post may be used to put an end to discussions that are irrelevant, disruptive, or malicious, or in breach of our Site Rules.
      • In the event of a call for a page's deletion, a Staff Post is required to initiate the vote. Subsequent Staff need not entitle their votes as a Staff Post.
      • A Staff Post is either "(OPEN)" or "(CLOSED)" to indicate whether or not regular site members may reply to the post. Non-Staff replying to "(CLOSED)" posts is grounds for disciplinary action.
    • Post Management:
      • Staff may edit other users' posts, e.g. to remove inappropriate content or hide images.
      • This power also extends to the summary deletion of extremely inappropriate posts.
    • Thread Management:
      • Moving a thread to a more appropriate category
      • Locking, temporarily or indefinitely, threads which contain excessively heated or irrelevant discussions
      • Editing a thread's title and description to remove violating content
  • Wiki:
    • Calling for Deletion:
      • When a page reaches the threshold for deletion (believed to be -2 after the 24-hour grace period by previous consensus) any Staff may start the call for deletion and vote, preferably at soonest convenience.
    • Voting:
      • Staff are able to vote on administrative and moderative issues presented in Falchion Valley, the Chaos Insurgency wiki, or other approved Staff channels.



Disciplinary Procedures

Minor Offenses: Warning I, Warning II, Suspension of Membership, Two-Week Ban, Permanent Ban

Major Offenses: Warning I, Permanent Ban

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