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Deleted forum discussions should go here.
521by ChumagenChumagen
24 Jul 2014 13:51Jump!
This category groups discussions related to particular pages within this site.
3071by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
26 Jul 2020 22:39Jump!
Information regarding the future of the site and for final mandates.
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For discussion of all things related to our site.
11149by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
24 Jul 2020 05:13Jump!
For staff voting.
1068by HeartfulHeartful
19 Mar 2015 06:18Jump!
CI Wiki
All matters related to the CI wiki site as a whole
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All matters urgent in need to immediate attention.
1169by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
26 Jul 2020 21:04Jump!
Matters related to the list of articles on our site
16125by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
26 Jul 2020 22:49Jump!
Major issues from users doesn't have to be bad
875by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
18 Jun 2015 07:22Jump!
Users who pose minor issues so far...
1352by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus
21 Jun 2019 13:22Jump!
For summary deletions or other deletions which should be brought to the attention of staff.
25by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
28 Sep 2014 22:28Jump!
Everything else
20180by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
18 May 2017 21:36Jump!
2102by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus
03 Jun 2014 07:33Jump!
Chat Matters
For the decrepit lonely chatroom we have :)
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
For Emergencies on chat issues
16by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
21 Jun 2014 05:00Jump!
Users in chat in need of our attention.
553by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus
03 Jul 2015 11:32Jump!
For what doesn't fit toss them here
1268by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus
05 Apr 2016 01:50Jump!
Staff responsibilities
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
things in need of attention ASAP
878by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
30 Mar 2015 04:33Jump!
Staff to be kept or let go
13117by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems
04 Jan 2018 00:32Jump!
For those who must depart with...
121by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus
09 Dec 2014 13:42Jump!
For projects and features we should bring to the site
8110by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus
06 Mar 2015 13:07Jump!
Everything else that doesn't fit into the above categories.
18115by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
07 Aug 2020 20:11Jump!
For resolved issues that fall under Management, and not necessarily the CI Wiki
138by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus
19 Jun 2014 22:07Jump!

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