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I hadn't banned him in the first place, since I was waiting for the opinions of other staff members. Oh well, doesn't matter now.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Re: Dr. Sarroze (CI-FR) by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems, 04 Jan 2018 00:32
Re: Dr. Sarroze (CI-FR) by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus, 05 Dec 2017 11:03

has he been unbanned?

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Re: Dr. Sarroze (CI-FR) by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY, 05 Dec 2017 07:17

Not sure if they lied in their application, but under their user info page, their birthdate is listed as April 11th, 2003, making them 14 years old. I'm not too concerned and feel no need for a ban, as there have been plenty of great users who've joined young, but I'm just putting it out there that this user is underaged.

Additionally, they coldposted their article "Arrow of Artemis", which was subsequently deleted by Caduceus at -2. PM'd them advising against coldposting.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Filia Nominis Umbra by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems, 20 Nov 2017 07:24
3 Week Absence
QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems 24 Oct 2017 15:38
in discussion Management / Others » 3 Week Absence

Recently I acquired a severe case of mononucleosis. I have been in bed for a few days now, laying with massive pain and extreme fatigue. I have been prescribed three weeks of rest by my doctor. As this includes a sense from school, I would usually take this as an opportunity to contribute to the site, however, I am in no condition for contribution of any sort and will be gone from the site as well.

Hope to see you all soon!

E: Not hurting too much anymore but constantly tired. Doing what I can to at least be active on accepting memberships and monitoring the forum.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

3 Week Absence by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems, 24 Oct 2017 15:38

The Insurgency's French-Branch's founder, Dr SarrozeDr Sarroze, has voluntarily demoted himself from the site's administration. In this thread, Sarroze openly admits he is the age of 14:

Original: Ce qui m'a fait prendre cette décision de quitter l'équipe administrative est mon âge. En effet, pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, j'ai 14 ans.
Translation: What made me make the decision to leave the administration is my age. Indeed, for those who do not know, I am 14 years old.

Although Sarroze is still listed as an administrator under the site's member page, I will remove all contact references to him from the main site.

He is underage, which does calls for a ban, although Sarroze has always proven to be a mature person and contributor from what I have seen. I vote, however, that he be banned from the main site until November 5th, 2017, his 15th birthday. Not too far away.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Dr. Sarroze (CI-FR) by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems, 14 Sep 2017 06:13

L'il late, but warning sent via PM.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

I think we should go for a warning for now.

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We all missed you Cad. It's been lonely for me too just wandering around FV by my lonesome.

Former CI Wiki Administrator Now just CI Wiki member: | Tuum Est: It's up to you

Site member Agent DarkerAgent Darker (account made on 16 Aug 2017 04:14, and later accepted at 21:14 UTC-8) recently coldposted three low-quality, unfinished works onto the mainsite:

After the quality of his content was questioned under the discussion thread for "Mr. Mr.", Agent Darker responded and apologized, stating that the article was "a mistake, a joke and that he never should've done it". As such, Darker was asked to remove it, didn't, and it was later taken down by Cad.

Alternatively known as Agent RossAgent Ross1, he's already made quite a record for himself at the SCP Wiki, where he continuously made unauthorized edits, coldposted, and ignored direct messages from staff. Links for this can be found here:

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Agent Darker/Agent Ross by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems, 30 Aug 2017 19:35

Announcing the installation of CytotoxicityCytotoxicity and drSteffiedrSteffie as the newest administrators of the Chaos Insurgency wiki.

This decision was made with contemplation on the growing needs of the site, specifically with managing the membership.

Cytotoxicity is the existing Master Administrator of the wiki's image repository ( and has been an upright member of the wiki for two years. He is also active at the French translation wiki ( of the mainsite.

DrSteffie is a member of four years, and while her site presence has been moderate, she is a valued source of opinion and continues to observe the site despite seeming inactivity.

I am confident in their abilities to become good administrators, and wish them well in this new endeavor.

ToxicClayToxicClay, Dr NouvaDr Nouva, and Victor StrateVictor Strate have been removed from site moderation on the main wiki for inactivity.

As it stands, it seems as if I'm the only Staff member with site privileges remaining. I'd like to clarify that I see the need for their replacements, and I am in the process of inviting members of the wiki to become Staff.

Truth be told, I have failed in my responsibilities by becoming inactive. My reasoning was that the lethargy of the Chaos Insurgency wiki made my efforts moot. So I went inactive, at least superficially. I continue to check the site and its sandbox's activity every week.

I notice that my absence may have deprived other users of a part of the site experience, because I was expected to be a guide, and as I did not leave anyone active behind as Staff, I have deprived those who were active a chance to lead.

I've taken steps to rectifying my mistake, but for now, my concrete action is the removal of inactive staff. They are still members of Falchion Valley and could still post here.

Updates may prompt the transfer of this post to a more suited category.

Staff Removal (28.08.17) by DrCaduceusDrCaduceus, 27 Aug 2017 16:42

While he may have the support of a handful of people I agree he is not exactly administrator material. Part of me wants to ignore him as acknowledging him would bring back a lot of bad memories associated with my demotion and I really don't want to think about that. Lots of hopes and dreams were shattered those days and nights and contributed to my silence.

But on the other hand I kinda feel like responding and tell him to cease and desist but that would just leave the site dead like it always was after [[tab DrCaduceus]] decided to listen to the SCP wiki.

Which is why I've been keeping silent cause I want to see what he's doing and I want to see what he can do.

As for Cad, until he returns from the real world back onto his computer, there's nothing much we can do to place a new admin in charge of the site since as the sole administrator, he's the only one able to promote new members. Plus with 2 moderators effectively AFK as well the whole bureaucracy is mothballed.

Even if we do hold an election there's nothing much that can be done.

The most I can say for Meta is do what you feel is right. and I shall be watching.

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Re: Meta Wonderrat by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY, 09 Aug 2017 09:42

Got a PM from Meta

I hadn't noticed it until it was mentioned by Meta, but it appears that Cad has openly announced in his forum signature that he is no longer active, and hasn't been active for about 100 days.

but since CADs tag says "inactive" we effectively have no Admin.

So, yeah, I can see his motives and can understand where he is coming from with all of this, and I love that he's so willing to jump out at the opportunity. Additionally, Meta has won the favor of a pocketful of users and they openly support his cause to take over as head admin.

Opinions are like asses, everybody has got one, however, in no offense to Meta, I feel he is not qualified for a position like this, especially with no official content posted and no history as CI staff.

I agree that a new admin needs to be put into place, but this is a democracy, right? Let's have the users decide what needs to be done. Ed would be a good choice, as he has been with us since what were basically the Middle Ages of the site and has stuck around ever since, regardless of being as silent as a rock. Ed, I'm not sure why it was you were demoted, but seeing how you at least have history as an administrator, would you mind organizing this? An election of sorts?

E: My bad, I thought we could contact the Gods of Wikidot and they could change the Master Administrator. At least, I thought that's how you guys did it when Hock lost his position as MA.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Re: Meta Wonderrat by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems, 08 Aug 2017 07:04

I would love to, however I have no authority over the site anymore and Cad and Nouva are nowhere to be seen. So my hands are figuratively tied here.

Former CI Wiki Administrator Now just CI Wiki member: | Tuum Est: It's up to you

Re: Meta Wonderrat by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY, 30 Jul 2017 21:53

Basically Meta giving a debate speech on how if he becomes admin there will not be quality control over the site anymore and if we don't abide by this, he'll begin cold-posting content until Cad or someone hands over the keys to the CI Kingdom.

From Meta's personal thread "Afterglow":

He's addressing administrative staff specifically, so could one of you respond to this before he begins cold-posting? If he does its just going to start up more issues.

Chaos Insurgency Admin (PM)

Meta Wonderrat by QuispyQueemsQuispyQueems, 22 Jul 2017 18:20

Did you ask Cad? He's the Master Admin right now on the CI wiki so you will have to ask him to reinstate your privileges

Former CI Wiki Administrator Now just CI Wiki member: | Tuum Est: It's up to you

This Thread is now locked

Chaos Insurgency Wiki Moderator: Think for yourself, question authority

Re: Greetings, got a request by Dr NouvaDr Nouva, 16 May 2017 16:36

Greetings lonely FV. To anyone who is still active, I ask for permission to be reinstated as moderator of Chaos Insurgency. I am going to be putting in more time now that I am done with school for a while and have figured I could help be more apart of the site. It may seem like its dead but I feel this wiki community still has life flowing. I know I have been gone for some time and my promises to stay are garbage. But this is a new Nouva that is much older and ready to fight. If you wish to vote, if that's even possible, then that's great. There's also a chance this post may never be read but hey it's worth a shot.

Nouva, The Lovable Fox

Chaos Insurgency Wiki Moderator: Think for yourself, question authority

Greetings, got a request by Dr NouvaDr Nouva, 03 May 2017 16:32

Hello everyone, I'm Sarroze, the master administrator of the French Chaos Insurgency site. This is a project I created some time ago. It's not yet official.
I created this thread to talk about the progress of my site (I don't know if this message is in the right place).

The site (L'Insurrection du Chaos) has already been created. We have already translated some pages and an item.
We also created a sandbox site and a site for the French administration, Commandement Alpha, that you can join. There is a section for international relations in the forum and a page.

We are active on Discord (a chat software). You can join us (more info here). Andres (ES), carabina (ES), Dimitri (ES) and Cytotoxicity [EN] have already joined us. The Spanish have already added us to their main page.

So, we have :

We are really motivated and really want to make a good site!

That's it, I just want to keep you informed of the progress of the French branch. Thanks for reading!


EDIT : I see that you have added us to your main page. Thank you!

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