Grittz's Author Page

Name: Dr. Kaller.

Security Clearance: Alpha.

Assignments: Item research, item development/review.

History: Subject Dr. Kaller was acquired by Insurgency Agents during a raid of the SCP Foundation's Site-177. Kaller was taken to HQ without incident. Upon performing various tests, Kaller was found to be highly skilled in research of anomalous items. Kaller was deemed useful assigned as a researcher.

In the six years of his service for the Insurgency, Dr. Kaller has performed assigned tasks with expected performance and has not questioned his assignments once. Dr. Kaller has often been noted for being very quiet, though this has been proven to not be cause for concern; Dr. Kaller has stated that he simply dislikes conversation not necessary during work. Dr. Kaller has assisted with several acquired Items, from research, to recovery, and even to termination.

Current Item assignments:

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