Log 1/2/ 2015

18:29 Cryosim Is this private?
18:29 EdAWACS This will do nicely
18:30 Cryosim Okay. Great.
18:30 EdAWACS I have only looked at Tox's logs
18:30 EdAWACS would you mind showing me yours?
18:30 Cryosim I’ve added a password on my logs to prevent abuse; let me give you the credientals.
18:30 Cryosim Username: CENSORED
18:31 EdAWACS which website again?
18:31 Cryosim Password: CENSORED
18:31 Cryosim Hold on
18:31 Cryosim Let me get it for you.
18:31 Cryosim I have a few different logfiles, just let me find the one that’s relevant.
18:31 Cryosim Okay.
18:32 Cryosim The main interface wasn’t working, so log in with username: admin, password: comcom4.
18:32 Cryosim Address is http://logs.dsmain.me
18:32 Cryosim Check log.txt02-01-2015.log
18:32 Cryosim That should be the right file.
18:33 Cryosim A bit untidy at the moment, yes, but I’m working on a much cleaner interface.
18:33 Cryosim The log’s quite spammed with “Ping” and “Pong”, but I’m going to write a script to automatically remove that from the logfile.
18:34 Cryosim Just hit CTRL+F or whatever the key combination is for your computer.
18:34 EdAWACS Hmmm I can't get into the site
18:34 Cryosim You can't
18:34 EdAWACS are you sure your password is correct?
18:34 Cryosim What’s the problem?
18:34 Cryosim Let me check it.
18:35 EdAWACS It won't let me in
18:35 Cryosim I’ll remove it for now.
18:35 Cryosim Okay, should work now.
18:35 Cryosim I’ve removed the password entirely.
18:36 Cryosim Is it working for you?
18:37 EdAWACS YEs
18:37 EdAWACS Give me a few moments
18:37 Cryosim Okay, great.
18:41 EdAWACS Okay I think I've seen all I needed to see
18:41 Cryosim Okay.
18:41 Cryosim The bot stays on 24//7, so there’s nothing you should have missed.
18:42 EdAWACS To me personally this feels like a bit overblown in proportion
18:43 EdAWACS This conflict could was largely unnecessary and should have never happened
18:43 EdAWACS Also you are correct in one area according to both Tox's log and your logs
18:43 Cryosim I just walked into the channel, said “Hi” to Tox, told him about my bot, and then he started what… this is.
18:44 Cryosim It was completely unprovoked.
18:44 EdAWACS We don't carry over what you did on another wiki against you
18:44 EdAWACS Let's make that clear first
18:44 Cryosim Although I could have reduced my frustration, it was mainly him at first.
18:44 Cryosim Anyway
18:44 EdAWACS Well from what I saw
18:44 Cryosim Let’s pass the talking stick to you.
18:44 EdAWACS after looking over both logs
18:45 EdAWACS It seems a bit of unnecessary antagonism
18:45 EdAWACS on both parties part
18:45 EdAWACS yet none are at fault here
18:45 Cryosim Yeah.
18:45 Cryosim I totally agree.
18:45 EdAWACS You did nothing wrong in the conversation
18:45 EdAWACS Neither did Tox
18:45 EdAWACS However
18:45 EdAWACS that escalation afterwards
18:46 EdAWACS concerns me
18:46 Cryosim He was reportedly “going for a 6-month ban, with appeal afterwards”
18:46 Cryosim That’s what the Falchion Valley thread says.
18:46 EdAWACS That's his opinion
18:46 EdAWACS and he is entitled to that opinion
18:46 Cryosim Does he actually have authority to ban people?
18:47 EdAWACS Yes
18:47 EdAWACS on chat
18:47 EdAWACS only
18:47 Cryosim Ah. Alright.
18:47 EdAWACS However the duration of ban
18:47 EdAWACS is determined by the CI admins
18:47 EdAWACS I have the final say on caht
18:48 EdAWACS and I have admin status on the wiki
18:48 Cryosim Ah. That figures. You’re the chat owner.
18:48 Cryosim Alright/
18:48 EdAWACS Now cryosim
18:48 Cryosim Alright.
18:48 EdAWACS Let's make sure this never happens again shall we?
18:48 EdAWACS Here's some ways to avoid these problems
18:48 Cryosim Yes. I agree.
18:49 EdAWACS 1. Try to talk randomly or jump straight to a topic
18:49 EdAWACS I have learned from personal experience in real life
18:49 Cryosim Okay.
18:49 EdAWACS that doing so tends to cause others around to be irritated towards you
18:50 EdAWACS Secondly, When don't try to lash out against the staff
18:50 EdAWACS We may not be saints
18:50 EdAWACS but we do try our best to be fair to everyone
18:50 Cryosim Perfect example ^
18:51 EdAWACS But the more you lass out
18:51 EdAWACS Humans are contrary to popular belief
18:51 EdAWACS not rational beings
18:51 EdAWACS There are emotions present
18:51 EdAWACS Which is normal
18:51 Cryosim Yes
18:51 EdAWACS And staff are people too
18:51 EdAWACS So you can understand how he felt
18:51 EdAWACS And how you felt
18:52 Cryosim Yeah.
18:52 EdAWACS The end result
18:52 EdAWACS Both are less than happy
18:52 EdAWACS He may not be hurt
18:52 EdAWACS but none of you guys are really happy?
18:52 Cryosim Nope
18:52 EdAWACS You understand what I am sayy?
18:52 Cryosim Yeah. I do.
18:52 Cryosim All of what you just said is true.
18:53 EdAWACS Some parts in the logs you overreacted a bit
18:53 EdAWACS which is natural
18:53 EdAWACS But remember in try to keep your temper
18:53 EdAWACS If you let your temper flare up
18:53 EdAWACS People won't take it
18:53 Cryosim Okay
18:54 EdAWACS IF you flare up to your boss you get fired
18:54 Cryosim I understand
18:54 EdAWACS Now thirdly, Try not to rub how good your system is to others '
18:54 EdAWACS You did do that
18:55 EdAWACS Which wasn't quite nice now was it?
18:55 Cryosim No
18:55 Cryosim It wasn’t
18:55 Cryosim Because Tox logs too.
18:56 EdAWACS To put it crudely if I'm to drop my professionalism, It's like people dick measuring
18:56 EdAWACS It doesn't get us anywhere
18:56 EdAWACS Everyone is special in their own way
18:56 Cryosim That actually sounds quite silly; but you’ve made your point.
18:56 EdAWACS So there's no point in saying who's better than who
18:57 EdAWACS Remember people take time to get to know you even online
18:57 EdAWACS So if you already have a bad impression
18:57 Cryosim Yep
18:57 EdAWACS Don't make it worse
18:57 Cryosim Okay.
18:57 Cryosim I’ll stay away from Tox anyway.
18:58 EdAWACS Cause they already have judgmental ideas on you based on your initial bad impression on them
18:58 EdAWACS Well
18:58 EdAWACS Try no
18:58 EdAWACS If worse come to worse
18:58 EdAWACS than you avoid the conflice
18:58 Cryosim Okay
18:58 Cryosim Got it
18:58 EdAWACS We aren't mean old grouchy people
18:59 EdAWACS You just didn't make that good of a first impression on them
18:59 EdAWACS Try to stay away from trouble
18:59 EdAWACS If an argument starts, learn to back down
18:59 Cryosim Yes, I know. They’ve read the 05, of course they haven’t got a good impression on me.
18:59 Cryosim I’m trying to turn that around now.
18:59 EdAWACS I have read 05 as well
19:00 EdAWACS yet I'm choosing not to place that on you
19:00 Cryosim And start a new on CI.
19:00 Cryosim And thank you.
19:00 EdAWACS cause I'm hoping you will change
19:00 EdAWACS Do not disappoint me
19:00 Cryosim I won’t.
19:00 Cryosim I’ll try my hardest on CI.
19:01 EdAWACS Remember I do not wish to be antagonistic, but if need be I will willingly uphold the order both on site and on chat
19:01 EdAWACS Anyways
19:01 EdAWACS Just remember what I said
19:01 EdAWACS And you should be good to go
19:01 Cryosim Thanks!

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