Log 10/10/2014

13:40 EdAWACS Yo Tox sup?
13:40 EdAWACS Procyonlotor mah man
13:40 ProcyonLotor Howdy!
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13:52 AlexTSB Hey Ed
13:52 AlexTSB Another rules-ish question
13:52 AlexTSB !help
13:53 AlexTSB <QUAESITOR>: available commands: allah babel babelext bam bf bible calc choose cs dice dictionary down drama etymology explain forget fs gis google hash hats help imdb mc mem mtg oblique profile python quote remember seen showtells snopes stock suggest tag tell translate tv_next tv_prev twitter urban validate weather wiki wolframalpha youtube
13:54 AlexTSB Some of those commands sound kinda…..
13:54 AlexTSB Intrestig
13:54 AlexTSB *intresting
13:55 AlexTSB Why are there commands to get stuff from bible versions?
13:55 AlexTSB Isn't religious talk not allowed?
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13:57 ProcyonLotor because it's a standard bot function.
13:57 ProcyonLotor A lot of non-stripped down chatbots have them by default.
13:58 AlexTSB What chatbot is quaesitor?
13:58 ProcyonLotor !QUAESITOR
13:58 ProcyonLotor Actually
13:58 ProcyonLotor .tell Tox what kind of bot is QUAESITOR
13:58 QUAESITOR ProcyonLotor: I'll pass that along.
13:59 ProcyonLotor I'm guessing a grapebot fork as it functions similarly to most of the ones I'm familiar
13:59 ProcyonLotor *with
13:59 AlexTSB Intresting.
14:00 AlexTSB I am the kind of person who likes useless information just for the sake of having it
14:01 EdAWACS Hello alexTSB
14:01 AlexTSB How come you need all these bots and stuff, can't you just mod IRC directly?
14:01 *
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14:01 EdAWACS 13:58 ProcyonLotor .tell Tox what kind of bot is QUAESITOR
14:01 * AlexTSB joined #BaseSix
14:01 EdAWACS I think he's a standard skybot
14:02 EdAWACS Procyonlotor
14:02 EdAWACS I simply downloaded from here
14:02 EdAWACS https://github.com/rmmh/skybot
14:02 EdAWACS and than changed up some stuff
14:02 EdAWACS Tox helped too
14:02 *
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14:03 ProcyonLotor that'd be a skybot, then
14:03 * AlexTSB joined #BaseSix
14:03 EdAWACS Yep
14:04 AlexTSB Right when people start putting out the intresting information D:
14:04 AlexTSB I crash.
14:04 EdAWACS I'm wondering if pixeltism could help me with some commands I want to add seeing as I'm a total newb
14:04 EdAWACS Or Aelanna
14:04 AlexTSB iOS master race? Yea right
14:04 ProcyonLotor hahahahahaha
14:04 ProcyonLotor iOs
14:04 EdAWACS ?
14:05 AlexTSB Umm, i think my friend was playing with a twitch bot, but I doubt thats helpful.
14:05 AlexTSB I always chat on my iPhone
14:05 EdAWACS .hug Qauesitor
14:05 ProcyonLotor Uh, you can ask Pix
14:05 EdAWACS Nah maybe later
14:05 ProcyonLotor Alex is set up so it's "/me hugs alexandra"
14:05 EdAWACS Busy
14:06 ProcyonLotor That's what I meant
14:06 EdAWACS hugs Quaesitor
14:06 QUAESITOR Oh baby.
14:06 ProcyonLotor Not sure what the difference is between Grapebot and Skybot
14:06 ProcyonLotor because grapebots do that too as far as I know
14:07 AlexTSB Annnnnd…#BaseSix just got akward.
14:07 ProcyonLotor Did it?
14:07 AlexTSB Do I hear shrek •_•
14:07 EdAWACS no
14:07 ProcyonLotor Nah
14:07 ProcyonLotor all that shit is ogre
14:08 AlexTSB Okay, its funny when used correctly.
14:08 EdAWACS Oh god
14:09 AlexTSB (Quick, someone add a command that makes quesitor use AK47 attack, and be super effective)
14:10 AlexTSB Also can the bot have a name I can actually spell?
14:10 ProcyonLotor real clients have name complete.
14:11 AlexTSB Don't have one, iPhone, remember?
14:11 ProcyonLotor All kinds of mobile clients have it
14:11 ProcyonLotor hence me not saying "tab complete"
14:11 EdAWACS AlexTSB
14:11 AlexTSB I'd say I haven't crashed in a while but I may jynx it
14:11 AlexTSB Yea ed
14:11 EdAWACS Quaesitor isn't going to use Ak47
14:11 EdAWACS He uses a thermal death ray
14:11 AlexTSB Awws
14:12 EdAWACS and ion canon
14:12 AlexTSB wonders which game Ed ripped that off of
14:12 EdAWACS Non
14:12 EdAWACS Or he will mind probe the fuck out of you
14:12 EdAWACS
14:12 AlexTSB Sounds like its ripped off of lances limit break in EBF4
14:12 EdAWACS maybe
14:13 EdAWACS shrugs
14:13 EdAWACS never heard of it
14:13 AlexTSB Anyone play Epic Battle Fantasy 4?( yet another game the mainstream probably doesn't play)
14:13 EdAWACS Nope
14:13 EdAWACS I play Wot
14:14 EdAWACS and I'm planning to get World of Warships when it comes out
14:14 EdAWACS is a wargamer
14:14 AlexTSB Its not the games I play are old and not mainstream, its that I play tons of indie games
14:14 EdAWACS I see
14:14 EdAWACS Mind I introduce a game to you?
14:14 EdAWACS That is free to play?
14:15 *
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14:15 EdAWACS And the ping kills him
14:15 EdAWACS quick Procyonlotor!
14:15 * AlexTSB joined #BaseSix
14:15 ProcyonLotor ?
14:15 *
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14:16 EdAWACS AlexTSB welcome back
14:16 EdAWACS Yeah IOS is shit for mibbet
14:16 EdAWACS I should know
14:17 EdAWACS Makes me crash as well when I'm on I pad
14:17 EdAWACS Quick Procyonlotor
14:17 * EdAWACS is now known as Groot
14:17 Groot I am Groot
14:17 ProcyonLotor Quick what?
14:17 *
AlexTheUnturnedKing joined #BaseSix
14:18 AlexTheUnturnedKing Crashed again
14:18 AlexTheUnturnedKing Now anyway, that game?
14:18 Groot wait a bit
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14:21 Groot Procyonlotor quick change into Rocker mode!
14:21 *
ProcyonLotor is now known as RocketRaccoon
14:21 Groot Let us fight for good and stuff
14:22 RocketRaccoon jazz hands
14:22 Groot punches stuff
14:22 Groot picks up rocketraccoon and places him up on his shoulder
14:22 Groot roars
14:22 RocketRaccoon fires weapons
14:23 Groot All we need now is starlord and draxx
14:23 * AlexTheUnturnedKing joined #BaseSix
14:23 Groot charges at alextheunturnedking
14:23 Groot I am groot!
14:23 AlexTheUnturnedKing #iOScares
14:23 RocketRaccoon shoots
14:24 Groot picks alex up and tosses him across the chatroom
14:24 AlexTheUnturnedKing get up pulls out his modded maplestrike and fires back
14:24 Groot takes it like the tree he is
14:24 *
AlexTheUnturnedKing quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
14:25 Groot We won
14:25 RocketRaccoon hurrah!
14:25 * RocketRaccoon is now known as ProcyonLotor
14:25 *
Groot is now known as EdAWACS
14:27 * AlexTheUnturnedKing joined #BaseSix
14:27 AlexTheUnturnedKing Sorry, had to clean up dog pee.
14:27 *
AlexTheUnturnedKing is now known as AlexTSB
14:28 EdAWACS The bane of IOS is strong with this one
14:28 EdAWACS Anyways alex
14:28 EdAWACS mind changing your nick?
14:28 EdAWACS It's a bit long
14:28 AlexTSB Already did lol
14:29 AlexTSB Hey, am I allowed to host community events?
14:29 AlexTSB I thought of doing CI game days
14:29 AlexTSB As suggested in a forum thread
14:29 EdAWACS Hmm
14:29 EdAWACS what kind of events?
14:30 AlexTSB Like Game Days, chat events
14:30 AlexTSB Chat events=stuff like steam trading sessions or some RP
14:30 EdAWACS Hmm
14:30 EdAWACS We were planning a chatcon sometime ago
14:31 EdAWACS I guess it would be okay
14:31 EdAWACS So long as it doesn't get way overboard
14:31 AlexTSB Whats a chatcon
14:31 EdAWACS Kinda like a day of fun in #baseisx
14:31 EdAWACS #basesix
14:32 AlexTSB Ohh
14:32 EdAWACS Yeah
14:32 AlexTSB Is that still on?
14:32 EdAWACS We didn't start :<
14:32 EdAWACS Not many people showed up
14:32 EdAWACS by not many I meant zero
14:32 EdAWACS cept for staff
14:32 EdAWACS and that was just 2 of us
14:32 EdAWACS
14:32 EdAWACS cries
14:32 AlexTSB What if we did a chatcon with multiple communities?
14:33 EdAWACS Ehh what kind of communities?
14:33 AlexTSB DoG, CI, maybe SleekGamers, and maybe a few others.
14:33 AlexTSB Most communities I know are gaming communities
14:33 EdAWACS So long as they don't disrupt the regular members here
14:34 AlexTSB We could also invite O5 and the SCP wiki
14:34 EdAWACS and devolve into trolling that should be fine with me
14:35 EdAWACS Get my drift alextsb?
14:35 AlexTSB DoG's standards are not exactly high, but if I threaten them after I abolish that stupid constitution idea, then I can just threaten them.
14:36 AlexTSB Oops
14:36 EdAWACS Or we can set up a separate chatroom
14:36 EdAWACS for that
14:36 AlexTSB I meant then they will do what I say
14:36 EdAWACS That would be better
14:36 EdAWACS You know
14:36 AlexTSB Or we can just do it in #DragonsLait
14:36 EdAWACS That sounds fine with me
14:36 EdAWACS Sure go for it
14:36 AlexTSB *#DragonsLair
14:37 EdAWACS Is it SynIRC?
14:37 AlexTSB Its IRC.mibbit.com
14:38 EdAWACS I see
14:38 AlexTSB You can access it easiest through www.dragons.ga
14:39 EdAWACS I see
14:40 AlexTSB http://widget01.mibbit.com/?settings=0785d08ff453d4f68dca1faccea6312a&server=irc.Mibbit.Net&channel=%23DragonsLair got the direct link.
14:40 AlexTSB Anyway
14:40 EdAWACS Oh right the game I was planning to introduce you to
14:40 EdAWACS .g Airmech
14:40 AlexTSB Yea
14:40 QUAESITOR EdAWACS: https://carbongames.com/ — AirMech: "A few hours from now the Xbox 360 version of AirMech will go live. We don't know exactly when, just a window of time, so I should probably get some sleep."
14:40 EdAWACS It's quite an interesting game
14:40 EdAWACS .y airmech trailer
14:41 QUAESITOR EdAWACS: AirMech Arena - Launch Trailer - length 1m 21s - rated 4.60/5.0 (192) - 16,731 views - gamespot on 2014.07.30 - TITLE: AirMech Arena - Launch Trailer
VIEWS: 16731
UPLOADED: gamespot
TITLE: AirMech Arena - Launch Trailer
VIEWS: 16731
UPLOADED: gamespot
14:41 AlexTSB Xbox game…
14:41 EdAWACS Wait no
14:41 AlexTSB Thats an issue
14:41 EdAWACS It's not on xbox
14:41 AlexTSB Oh k
14:41 EdAWACS it cane be played on PC
14:41 EdAWACS or Steam
14:41 EdAWACS but not IOS
14:42 AlexTSB Duh lol
14:42 AlexTSB My computer does not run IOS
14:42 AlexTSB One of them runs OSX, the other 2 are windows
14:42 EdAWACS Do you use PC?
14:42 EdAWACS yeah
14:42 EdAWACS Than you can play Airmech
14:42 AlexTSB One is windows 7, the other is windows 8
14:43 EdAWACS I would advise you download the steam version on airmech
14:43 EdAWACS The PC version is a bit slow personnaly for me
14:44 EdAWACS Check it out when you have time
14:45 AlexTSB Whats your PC like
14:46 EdAWACS It's a Toshiba Satellite T235
14:46 EdAWACS with Windows & installed
14:46 EdAWACS *7
14:46 * Sax joined #BaseSix
14:46 EdAWACS Hello Sax
14:46 AlexTSB I heard windows 9 details
14:46 EdAWACS Yo Sax can I speak to you in private for a moment?
14:47 EdAWACS Windows 9?
14:47 AlexTSB from an alleged microsoft employee
14:47 AlexTSB Brb
14:47 *
AlexTSB quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
14:47 EdAWACS Yo Sax
14:47 EdAWACS you there/
14:48 * AlexTheUnturnedKing joined #BaseSix
14:48 EdAWACS Welcome back
14:49 *
AlexTheUnturnedKing is now known as AlexTSB
14:49 AlexTSB Why just do a chatcon?
14:49 AlexTSB Lets mix the ideas
14:50 EdAWACS I'm listening
14:50 AlexTSB Lets get together sometime in #BaseSix or #DragonsLair and play some games or something
14:51 AlexTSB The rule for unturned game days wi be if you touch my halftrack, you get #banned.
14:51 EdAWACS ?
14:52 EdAWACS Pardon not following that last part
14:52 AlexTSB Unturned is basically DayZ+Rust+Nether with minecraft graphics, and it is free
14:52 EdAWACS Ohhh
14:52 EdAWACS I see
14:53 AlexTSB Its also one of my favorite games of all tome
14:53 AlexTSB *time
14:53 EdAWACS Sounds okay to me
14:53 AlexTSB Did I mention it also has nonexof the jerkoff bandits that dayZ has?
14:54 EdAWACS shrugs
14:54 EdAWACS I guess maybe I don't play much games really
14:54 AlexTSB The game encourages friendliness and community which is a big *1 for me
14:54 EdAWACS is a minor in games
14:54 EdAWACS That's nice
14:54 ProcyonLotor Not my sorta thing. i just do single player.
14:54 AlexTSB Anyway thats just one of the fun indies I play
14:55 AlexTSB I do it in unturned too
14:55 AlexTSB Unless my friends wanna play
14:55 EdAWACS Seems legit
14:56 AlexTSB Yea, another good game I have played is Papers, please.
14:56 AlexTSB Its basically a game where you operate a border checkpoint in a communist country
14:56 AlexTSB You have to check everyones passports and permits for forgeries and such
14:57 Sax yawned
14:57 AlexTSB Bored or tired?
14:57 EdAWACS He's been busy
14:58 AlexTSB Its nice to be here and not arguing with everyone
14:58 EdAWACS Yes it is
14:58 EdAWACS See how much nicher it is when we are all harmonized?
14:58 EdAWACS Oh alex you play starcraft 2?
14:59 EdAWACS is a partime starcraft 2 player
14:59 AlexTSB Nah, heard of it though
14:59 EdAWACS What?
14:59 EdAWACS waps alextsb on the head
14:59 AlexTSB I play Final Fantasy VII and VIII alot
14:59 EdAWACS .g starcraft 2
14:59 QUAESITOR EdAWACS: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/ — StarCraft II Official Game Site - Battle.net: "Wage war across the galaxy with three unique and powerful races. StarCraft II is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment for the PC and Mac."
14:59 EdAWACS Ah I see
14:59 EdAWACS that's okay too
15:00 AlexTSB VIII was amazing, still playing through 7.
15:00 EdAWACS Heard of Destiny?
15:01 AlexTSB Of course, one of DoG's advisors is a big destiny fan.
15:01 EdAWACS What do you think personally of it?
15:01 AlexTSB Have not seen enough of it
15:01 AlexTSB I will be honest
15:01 AlexTSB I don't follow the mainstream much
15:02 EdAWACS I've watched the walkthroughs for it
15:02 EdAWACS It has a neat storyline and decent setting and a stunning enviroment
15:03 AlexTSB I have heard the critics are really divided on that game, like Watch_Dogs.
15:04 EdAWACS Ohhh Watch_dogs
15:04 EdAWACS I liked that game
15:04 EdAWACS bit tedious gameplay
15:04 AlexTSB Tedious gameplay?
15:05 EdAWACS The only thing that held my interest was the hacking mechanic
15:05 EdAWACS Tedious to watch
15:05 AlexTSB Try equal leveling in a final fantasy game.
15:05 EdAWACS watched the Game Theory video on Watchdogs?
15:05 AlexTSB Yes, and posted it on facebook.
15:06 AlexTSB After I nearly went to jail.
15:06 EdAWACS Scary huh what hackers can do?
15:06 EdAWACS But there are some that argue that hackers are needed on the internet
15:06 AlexTSB scary, and amazing.
15:06 EdAWACS and that they are just as vital to the welfare of the web
15:06 EdAWACS Want to see proof?
15:07 AlexTSB You mean the white hackers?
15:07 EdAWACS You watch TED talks much?
15:08 EdAWACS if not or yes watch this ted talk
15:08 EdAWACS Show YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erCAp_Bd0AQ)
15:08 QUAESITOR EdAWACS: Keren Elazari: Hackers: the Internet's immune system - length 16m 40s - rated 4.89/5.0 (3567) - 123,702 views - tedtalksdirector on 2014.06.10
15:08 AlexTSB No
15:08 EdAWACS Well watch this when you can
15:08 EdAWACS I linked it here
15:08 EdAWACS Watch it
15:08 EdAWACS and she puts a pretty good argument for hackers
15:09 AlexTSB Actually in a few minutes I am going to login to unturned
15:09 EdAWACS Well check it out anyways
15:09 AlexTSB God, suddenly I am reminded of Zyn.
15:09 EdAWACS Trust me it will be interesting for you to gain insight into it
15:09 EdAWACS ?
15:09 AlexTSB I disappointed her…
15:10 EdAWACS How so?
15:10 AlexTSB Look on O5…she said "I am disappointed…give him a year."
15:10 EdAWACS I see
15:10 AlexTSB With that retarded trolling incident.
15:10 EdAWACS I hope you didn't mean to do that
15:11 AlexTSB Back then? I got bored.
15:11 AlexTSB And thats what would happen.
15:11 EdAWACS Well as long as you don't do that again here
15:11 EdAWACS You should be fine in my books
15:11 AlexTSB .g unturned
15:11 QUAESITOR AlexTSB: http://store.steampowered.com/app/304930/ — Unturned on Steam: "Jul 7, 2014 … You become a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and team up with your friends to remain among the living."
15:12 AlexTSB And there you go

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