Log 10/15/2014

19:56 Clef2 But his video on the other hand
19:56 SictorVtrate I don't see why people get so riled up at that F-word.
19:56 Clef2 It wasn't an actual offense
19:57 EdAWACS It's disgusting slur for gay people
19:57 EdAWACS the F word
19:57 Clef2 Basically, the weight of the word varies depending on how its used
19:57 EdAWACS Not something you would say to someone in public
19:57 Clef2 You can see it that way
19:57 EdAWACS it's like saying the N word to a black person
19:57 Clef2 But we're a campy place here.
19:58 EdAWACS I want to see how many warnings we have on him
19:58 EdAWACS not trying to pin him down
19:58 Clef2 Do we really have to ponder on basic label-words at this time? It's common knowledge
19:58 EdAWACS ?
19:58 EdAWACS Pardon?
19:58 Clef2 But like all things, most people I know are okay with it
19:58 Clef2 Homosexuals and hetero
19:58 EdAWACS Seriously? Faggot?
19:58 EdAWACS You sure?
19:59 EdAWACS Me and Nouva feel differently about that word
19:59 EdAWACS I mean the word Fuck is okay
19:59 Clef2 Hey
19:59 SictorVtrate As someone who's tolerated name-calling and teasing for the majority of their life, I don't really see weight behind negative words.
19:59 Clef2 Don't get me wrong. The word is bad.
19:59 EdAWACS .g faggot
19:59 QUAESITOR EdAWACS: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=faggot — Urban Dictionary: faggot: "Ralph: Chris hasn't been answering his phone. John: Yeah, he is probably hanging out with those other kids thats why. Ralph: He is such a faggot. John: Yeah …"
19:59 Clef2 But the intention by TSB isn't
19:59 Clef2 Everyone /has/ to use the dictionary card
20:00 EdAWACS Still not everyone would see it that way?
20:00 SictorVtrate It may create a negative atmosphere for some people, but it doesn't have any weight behind it no matter how it's used.
20:00 EdAWACS Anyways that word and other slurs are not allowed on the mainsite
20:00 EdAWACS Remember guys we don't have an age limit
20:00 SictorVtrate I don't see the point behind trying to take further action.
20:01 Clef2 I will not argue any further with the word itself. It is bad.
20:01 EdAWACS Well no the purpose was to see how many offenses we have against him on the mainsite
20:01 Clef2 But it really depends on how well you know the person
20:01 SictorVtrate Just snip it and move on, if he keeps posting it over and over again than we can take action against that specifically.
20:01 EdAWACS I wnat to keep track
20:01 EdAWACS That's my point
20:01 Clef2 Alex is from another part of the internet. It's his way.
20:01 SictorVtrate I don't think that should be another thing counting against him at the moment.
20:02 EdAWACS I'm not saying it is
20:02 EdAWACS But best to keep track just in case
20:02 EdAWACS He's improving at least. Seems I got to him which is good
20:02 Clef2 keep track, really
20:02 EdAWACS Well yes
20:02 EdAWACS Why else would be keep records on FV?
20:04 EdAWACS Guys you still there/
20:04 Clef2 Sure. 'For posterity's sake'.
20:04 SictorVtrate So…
20:04 SictorVtrate Is that all we needed to discuss?
20:04 EdAWACS Nope
20:04 EdAWACS That was the first matter of the day
20:05 EdAWACS The second one is concerning the personnel designations guide
20:05 EdAWACS Guys we've left that for about 2 months
20:05 Clef2 I'm having a guitar session with my mates, dammit
20:05 EdAWACS The guide will require attention sooner or later
20:06 EdAWACS It's still half-assed
20:06 SictorVtrate I don't have anything else to contribute at the moment.
20:06 EdAWACS Looks better than before but still a long mile away from completion
20:06 SictorVtrate Also…
20:06 EdAWACS I understand
20:06 Clef2 The part we all needed is done
20:06 Clef2 Alpha to Sigma
20:06 SictorVtrate Since I'm going to leave to go work on something on my sandbox in a moment.
20:06 SictorVtrate I'll close with a joke.
20:06 Clef2 And I wouldn't say that it's a mile away.
20:06 SictorVtrate What's it called when you tape a duck to a wall?
20:07 EdAWACS Well it still looked unfinished
20:07 Clef2 Strate no
20:07 EdAWACS Anyways just another thing to keep in mind people
20:07 EdAWACS …..
20:07 EdAWACS Focus…..
20:07 SictorVtrate What? Just guess.
20:07 EdAWACS Duct-tape
20:07 Clef2 Strate, no
20:07 Clef2 drum
20:07 SictorVtrate Nope, Animal abuse.
20:07 EdAWACS Your jokes suck
20:07 EdAWACS Punch yourself
20:08 Clef2 You suck and you should all feel bad
20:08 EdAWACS :|
20:08 SictorVtrate punches SictorVtrate
20:08 Clef2 EVERYONE
20:08 EdAWACS No
20:08 SictorVtrate I came up with that joke myself.
20:08 EdAWACS Should have gone with duct-tape
20:08 SictorVtrate feels bad about himself for coming up with comedic art
20:08 SictorVtrate Yeah, but everybody guesses duct tape.
20:08 SictorVtrate It's an anti-joke.
20:08 Clef2 We should have SSSC snippets
20:08 EdAWACS Yeah it sucks
20:08 EdAWACS We have one clef2
20:08 SictorVtrate Like "What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?"
20:08 EdAWACS it's called snippets
20:09 EdAWACS An apple in the worm
20:09 Clef2 Finding half a worm
20:09 SictorVtrate "The Holocaust"
20:09 EdAWACS several worms
20:09 Clef2 Goddamit Strate
20:09 EdAWACS >_>
20:09 SictorVtrate Dat reaction do.
20:09 SictorVtrate Why did the boy drop his ice cream?
20:09 EdAWACS /me bans sictorvrate for mentioning mass murder of jews
20:09 EdAWACS lol I'm not jewish though
20:09 SictorVtrate JUST GUESS ALREADY.
20:10 SictorVtrate Fine then.
20:10 SictorVtrate Because he was hit by a bus.
20:10 EdAWACS You joke SUCK!
20:10 EdAWACS punch yourself!
20:10 SictorVtrate VOICE MAKE DOWN!
20:10 SictorVtrate No.
20:10 EdAWACS NOW!
20:10 EdAWACS DO IT!
20:10 SictorVtrate "Is your dad a terrorist?"
20:11 SictorVtrate "Because you're the bomb!"
20:11 EdAWACS Drop down and give me fifty maggot!
20:11 SictorVtrate Best.
20:11 SictorVtrate Pickup line.
20:11 SictorVtrate Ever.
20:11 SictorVtrate Oh god.
20:11 SictorVtrate Wat is dis
20:11 SictorVtrate Second Clef is malfunctioning.
20:11 EdAWACS Is he speaking fillpino?
20:11 SictorVtrate I don't know.
20:11 EdAWACS I mean he is from SEA
20:11 EdAWACS Could be the regional dialect
20:12 Clef2 (Hiligaynon)
20:12 EdAWACS 01010110
20:12 Clef2 Ti. Ano? Indi na? Suko kamo? Abi ko man
20:13 SictorVtrate 001010001010101110010010001
20:13 EdAWACS Okay guys
20:13 SictorVtrate I'm going to leave.
20:13 Clef2 Indi kamo ka sarang sa akon bords.
20:13 EdAWACS Stay focused
20:13 SictorVtrate Because I'm bored.
20:13 EdAWACS We have more to discuss
20:13 SictorVtrate And Cad is impossible to understand.
20:13 Clef2 Strate
20:13 EdAWACS Clef2 focus
20:13 EdAWACS please
20:13 Clef2 What if I told you I could teach you hiligaynon?
20:13 SictorVtrate Oh hay.
20:13 Clef2 I'm all ears Ed
20:13 SictorVtrate I would be interested and ready to learn.
20:14 EdAWACS Also if you guys may or maynot have notice
20:14 EdAWACS I contributed a significant amount of images to the Visual records database for the CI
20:14 EdAWACS I want to make sure that all of them are okay for usage
20:14 EdAWACS and I counted
20:14 EdAWACS We have 50 images
20:14 EdAWACS So your welcome guys
20:15 SictorVtrate Thank you.
20:15 Clef2 Hey, we helped too, Ed
20:15 EdAWACS How do the images look? and also Cad why did you delete one of my images?
20:15 EdAWACS the robot one
20:15 Clef2 We should get started on organizing them
20:15 Clef2 I saw them in a movie, I swear
20:15 EdAWACS Oh
20:15 EdAWACS Okay than
20:16 EdAWACS If you are wondering where I found them….
20:16 EdAWACS I just googled weird images, scary images, strange images etc.
20:16 Clef2 That's what I do too XD
20:16 Clef2 I'll get 10 more and then we should organize them
20:16 EdAWACS Hey I contributed a considerable amount of images
20:17 EdAWACS I'd say we reach for 70?
20:17 EdAWACS 80?
20:17 EdAWACS yeah 80 images
20:17 Clef2 100
20:17 EdAWACS before we start organizing
20:17 EdAWACS no 100 will take longer
20:17 EdAWACS 80 is a decent goal
20:17 Clef2 Trust me
20:18 EdAWACS You sure?
20:18 Clef2 Yeah man
20:18 EdAWACS Yu serious brah?
20:18 EdAWACS You mad bro?
20:18 Clef2 I've been organizing things for other websites since last year
20:18 SictorVtrate And I like organizing things.
20:18 EdAWACS Alright than
20:18 SictorVtrate That's why I made my own sandbox.
20:18 EdAWACS I know
20:19 EdAWACS You made halsey do the same thing you bastard
20:19 SictorVtrate I knew that you knew about the sandbox, I was just saying why I did it.
20:19 SictorVtrate And halsey has his own now?
20:19 EdAWACS yes
20:19 SictorVtrate link pls
20:19 EdAWACS I look over everyone's profile page
20:19 Clef2 Everyone has their own sandbox
20:19 EdAWACS No you go look yourself
20:19 Clef2 Even me
20:19 EdAWACS Not me
20:19 EdAWACS
20:19 Clef2 http://the-vaccine.wikidot.com
20:20 EdAWACS Also Cad collapse your post please on the mainsite
20:20 EdAWACS they are taking up space
20:20 EdAWACS okay 4th matter at hand
20:20 Clef2 ?
20:20 EdAWACS Your posts in the mainsite snippet thread
20:21 EdAWACS so the fourth matter at hand
20:21 Clef2 Done
20:21 Clef2 What?
20:21 EdAWACS we should include a formatting area for the personnel guidebook
20:22 EdAWACS I mean wikidot syntax is too cumbersome to utilize
20:22 Clef2 I find it manageable.
20:22 Clef2 Once you know it intimately
20:22 EdAWACS I'm thinking of absorbing the blackbox page into the new formatting page
20:22 EdAWACS Yeah well it would be much more conveinant if we could have all the common syntax needed on the mainsite
20:23 Clef2 Provided you snip it to just a few blackboxes
20:23 EdAWACS I'm talking about collapsibles
20:23 SictorVtrate Bye.
20:23 EdAWACS and other coding
20:23 Clef2 I'll write up a list
20:23 EdAWACS and also a tag guide
20:23 EdAWACS maybe
20:24 Clef2 But everything you need to know about Wikidot Syntax is wikidot.com/doc-wiki-syntaxtart
20:25 Clef2 Damn mibbit emoticons
20:25 EdAWACS But it's difficult and new comers may not know to utilize it
20:25 EdAWACS we should ease them into that
20:25 Clef2 Hey Ed, I know the site's going places. But we should wait a while longer for those things
20:25 Clef2 Tell me what's needed and I'll see what to do
20:25 Clef2 I have all of the day to myself.
20:26 EdAWACS Well and also an update on the Falchion Valley Site Protocols
20:26 Clef2 Tell me what is needed
20:26 EdAWACS we should detail the penalty systtem
20:27 EdAWACS cause currently we have a lot of info on what to do if staff fucks up and what staff should do but not what we should do if users fuck up
20:27 Clef2 Aside from that.
20:27 Clef2 I mean, about the syntax and layout and others
20:27 Clef2 I'll write a draft and send it to you on PM.
20:27 EdAWACS The syntax and well
20:28 Clef2 But really, what are your syntax issues?
20:28 EdAWACS something like the formatting page for the how to write an scp guide
20:28 EdAWACS but no need to include bolding and other fuctions
20:28 Clef2 We have the Manual of Style
20:28 EdAWACS That's more templates
20:28 Clef2 I don't understand you
20:28 EdAWACS Also for the manual of style include something on formatting incident logs
20:28 Clef2 Templates?
20:28 Clef2 I think you mean another word
20:29 Clef2 I have an aim for the site that the manual of style for those is free-form, given that we are decentralized IU
20:29 EdAWACS The manuel of style is like a age of item templates
20:29 Clef2 Can you rephrase that? I don't understand
20:31 EdAWACS The manuel of style is like a page for how articles should be formatted
20:31 EdAWACS I was thinking we add a template for incident and interview logs
20:31 Clef2 Oh, sure.
20:32 EdAWACS And the wikidot syntax thing
20:32 Clef2 Anything else? I mean, what you just asked for is trivial?
20:32 Clef2 And elaborate on 'the syntax thing'
20:32 EdAWACS Well it will help streamline the process
20:32 EdAWACS collapsibles placing images, blackboxes
20:33 EdAWACS we have too many pages which are just devoted to one single small subject when they could be merged onto one page cleanly
20:33 Clef2 Right. I wanted to be thorough
20:34 Clef2 And place each needed topic on its own tab
20:34 EdAWACS Yeah some pages can be combined with others to form one page rather than several small pages
20:34 Clef2 There is a Help part of the topbar Ed
20:34 EdAWACS So can you do all that?
20:34 Clef2 For the collapsibles
20:34 Clef2 Modules-Quick Fix
20:35 EdAWACS Doesn't have collapsibles
20:36 Clef2 Now it does

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