Log 10/8/2014

20:05 EdAWACS Hey there
20:05 EdAWACS I'm back
20:06 ProcyonLotor Howdy!
20:06 EdAWACS So yeah Titus Andronicous
20:06 EdAWACS Although I kinda raged when Titus killed his sister
20:06 EdAWACS Why the hell would he do that?
20:07 EdAWACS I felt so heartbroken for her seeing as she was the true victim
20:07 ProcyonLotor Yeah
20:10 EdAWACS Anyways thank you for the Private Message
20:11 EdAWACS I got it this morning
20:12 EdAWACS Mind looking this over?
20:12 EdAWACS http://falchionvalley.wikidot.com/forum/t-1037379/alextsb#post-2127622
20:13 ProcyonLotor Obviously, I'm not an unbiased resource
20:13 ProcyonLotor But I think he's had his chance.
20:13 ProcyonLotor And now it's time for teeth.
20:14 ProcyonLotor Considering he's already supposed to be banned here.
20:14 EdAWACS Hmmm
20:15 ProcyonLotor And the entirety of his contribution to chat is asking questions about his own forum and bitching about idlers as an indirect method of bitching about sax and I
20:15 ProcyonLotor He's the classic "nothing of value"
20:16 EdAWACS I'm going to give him one final chance to redeem himself
20:16 EdAWACS If he fucks up that time
20:16 EdAWACS I think that it would be time to remove him from Syn-IRC in entireity
20:17 EdAWACS Frankly I'm dissappointed
20:17 ProcyonLotor As I said earlier
20:17 ProcyonLotor He's, if you'll pardon the expression
20:17 ProcyonLotor a big bag of dicks
20:17 ProcyonLotor you can dig all you want
20:17 ProcyonLotor but all you're gonna get is more dickery
20:18 EdAWACS Hmmm
20:19 ProcyonLotor And, considering he brought that shit to the mainsite under the guise of an actual proposal to do a (frankly hysterically stupid) "take that" at Sax and I
20:19 EdAWACS I responded to that post
20:19 ProcyonLotor You handled it well.
20:19 EdAWACS and Nouva helped nip that into a bud for now
20:20 ProcyonLotor It's not so much that it wasn't handled (it was) as the fact it happened at all.
20:20 +++ ChanServ has given admin to Sax
20:21 ProcyonLotor But it's yr call. He's not gonna make me leave or anything- I could chew him up for breakfast.
20:22 EdAWACS I'll have to confer with the other staff members before we reach a decision
20:22 EdAWACS Although I can see the final outcome I hope it doesn't to that
20:23 EdAWACS I'm more than willing to hear him out to the best of my patience
20:23 Sax Your patience is better saved.
20:23 EdAWACS Ah Sax welcome
20:23 Sax He has no understanding of any sort of concept beyond self-entitlement.
20:24 EdAWACS I've noticed that pattern
20:24 Sax Thinly veiled behind the disguise of calling out bad authority.
20:24 ProcyonLotor Sax puts it more bluntly- but better- than I.
20:24 ProcyonLotor Namely, SCP staff and ops have learned this lesson many times, quite hard.
20:24 EdAWACS I've read the logs so I can see what that would be like
20:24 ProcyonLotor Whenever someone gets "one last chance" even though you know it's going to end poorly, it ends up biting you in the ass in a major way.
20:25 ProcyonLotor Admittedly, the stakes are lower here.
20:25 ProcyonLotor He's unlikely to cause any lasting damage.
20:26 ProcyonLotor And frankly, I'll admit, a lot of this is just personal frustration. I wanted to be done with this ass the first time we banned him from 19.
20:26 EdAWACS Well the worst he could do would be to paste an ASCII pic of a bag of dicks and pm it to everyone
20:26 ProcyonLotor hahahahaha
20:26 ProcyonLotor I wouldn't put it past him
20:26 ProcyonLotor Not that I would, because he's already done that
20:27 EdAWACS Well if he fucks up this last time and this is my final word on the issue. K-line him from mibbet if that is possible
20:28 EdAWACS I'm sure the rest of the CI staff would agree with my decision as owner of this chat
20:28 EdAWACS if they were here that is
20:28 ProcyonLotor Haha, in absentia.
20:29 EdAWACS Wait sax is what I requested possible?
20:29 EdAWACS K-line from Syn-IRC?
20:29 Sax K-lines are reserved for egregious offenders.
20:29 Sax Honestly, leave that stuff to me.
20:29 EdAWACS If he fucks up one last time
20:30 EdAWACS Actually I'll send him a formal warning
20:30 ProcyonLotor Good luck.
20:31 ProcyonLotor Will be …fun… to see how he reacts that
20:31 ProcyonLotor *to that
20:31 EdAWACS I dunno
20:31 EdAWACS At least I will be able to appreciate ASCII more
20:32 ProcyonLotor we can see if he's learnt any new tricks
20:32 EdAWACS Yep
20:32 EdAWACS He hasn't had any qualms against me or Cad yet but that is for the meantime
20:33 EdAWACS I know for a fact that Cad personally is annoyed by him
20:33 ProcyonLotor The thing is, he doesn't have any qualms against you because you haven't taken any action against him
20:33 EdAWACS Actually I have
20:33 EdAWACS I called him out on using a disgusting homophobic slur
20:33 EdAWACS and I've rejected his proposals for the site
20:33 ProcyonLotor Well, like, in seriousness
20:34 ProcyonLotor I doubt he was actually serious there
20:34 Sax You haven't hounded him like I have.
20:34 ProcyonLotor he just wanted to put "fuck u procyon and sax" on site
20:34 EdAWACS Well let's see if he reads Falchion Valley
20:34 ProcyonLotor You're still gonna PM him though, right?
20:34 EdAWACS Also Sax have you looked it over?
20:34 ProcyonLotor You can't always assume folks read discipline.
20:34 EdAWACS Yes Yes I will
20:34 ProcyonLotor kk
20:35 EdAWACS Well he did mention that he would "report:" you to Falchion valley
20:35 ProcyonLotor oh hahahahahahahahaha
20:35 ProcyonLotor I remember that
20:35 Sax EdAWACS
20:35 Sax Do send me the links again?
20:35 EdAWACS Yes Sax?
20:35 Sax has been rather busy with midterms as of lately
20:35 EdAWACS http://falchionvalley.wikidot.com/forum/t-1037379/alextsb#post-2127622
20:36 EdAWACS Same here man
20:36 EdAWACS Studying for them
20:37 ProcyonLotor oh god, me too
20:37 EdAWACS I feel for you guys brah
20:37 Sax My program is about to lose two people.
20:37 EdAWACS I see
20:38 Sax Plagiarism.
20:38 EdAWACS Academic Misconduct is a killer
20:38 EdAWACS Are you a teacher?
20:39 Sax I am not.
20:39 Sax However, I effectively am, for a few of my classes.
20:40 EdAWACS are you a TA?
20:40 Sax No.
20:40 Sax (not yet, anyways)
20:40 EdAWACS I see
20:40 EdAWACS Anyways any errors in my report?
20:41 Sax No glaring errors from what I can see.
20:43 EdAWACS Just a question
20:43 EdAWACS What happened on #basesix that day to mandate the k-line?
20:43 EdAWACS setsukun (~ten.crinys.ffats|nukustes#ten.crinys.ffats|nukustes) has joined kaktus (ybbob.timm|ddog#ybbob.timm|ddog) has joined <AlexTSB> Site is running PHPBB forums, with PHP(obviously) and I also have support for custom emails for apps to be sent to. <Sax> AlexTSB <ProcyonLotor> I don't think any of us actually want to talk to you. <Sax> I would like to introduce you to setsukun setsukun sets ban
20:43 EdAWACS Just curious. I felt I was missing something
20:44 Sax Nope.
20:44 Sax You missed nothing.
20:44 ProcyonLotor He was using it to rejoin 19
20:44 ProcyonLotor Setsukun misunderstood us
20:44 ProcyonLotor We wanted him k-lined
20:44 ProcyonLotor across network
20:44 EdAWACS ?
20:44 ProcyonLotor but setsukun just banned him from this room
20:44 Sax Oh.
20:44 EdAWACS I see
20:44 Sax … is that what happened?
20:44 Sax Oh shit.
20:44 ProcyonLotor Yeah
20:44 Sax facepalm
20:45 EdAWACS stares at them in awkward silence
20:45 ProcyonLotor By the time I noticed, setsukun (and I thought torin as well) were long gone
20:45 EdAWACS I guess that was how he slipped through
20:45 ProcyonLotor as this was the only channel torin was still allowed to use, it was functionally the same thin
20:46 Sax Anyways, I am heading to sleep.
20:46 Sax Night.
20:46 EdAWACS Well apparently he also joins the Mibbet netwrok
20:46 EdAWACS night
20:46 ProcyonLotor Night

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