Log 11/17/2014

<Live2Sleep>: hi CI-Recruit
<Doctor-Halsey>: who could he possibly be?
<Live2Sleep>: who knows
<Doctor-Halsey>: There is no possible way he could be a slightly crazy head of the CI could he?
<Doctor-Halsey>: he ight be unconscious from excessive bleeding from the knee
<Live2Sleep>: used to be an admin
<Live2Sleep>: took an arrow to the knee
<Doctor-Halsey>: you?
<Doctor-Halsey>: oh
<Doctor-Halsey>: I see
<Live2Sleep>: lol
<Live2Sleep>: not me
<Live2Sleep>: I was never an admin of any site ._.
<Live2Sleep>: although I was a mod for a subreddit
<Doctor-Halsey>: that one guard ion whiterun?
<Live2Sleep>: I forget which one
<Live2Sleep>: no
<Doctor-Halsey>: was it /r/Live2DiesSubreddit
<Live2Sleep>: no
<Live2Sleep>: I came up with the name Live2Die about 2 months ago
<Live2Sleep>: this was about 3 years ago
<Live2Sleep>: 2*
<Doctor-Halsey>: or was it /r/HalseyIsBadAtGuessingAndReallyJustWantsToKnowTheNameOfTheSubReddit
<Live2Sleep>: totally that
<Live2Sleep>: but seriously I forgot
<Live2Sleep>: it was pokemon related
<Live2Sleep>: that's all I know
<Doctor-Halsey>: pokemonking
<Doctor-Halsey>: ohmygeebus
<Doctor-Halsey>: live2die = pokemonking confirmed
<Doctor-Halsey>: you wanna contribute cad
<Doctor-Halsey>: I saw you typing you sneaky guy you
<Doctor-Halsey>: there it is again
<Doctor-Halsey>: stahp lurking and come *into the light!*
<Doctor-Halsey>: ehem
<Doctor-Halsey>: *into-the-light*
<Doctor-Halsey>: bold isnt working
<Live2Sleep>: *into-the-light*
<Live2Sleep>: dammit bol
<Doctor-Halsey>: bold?
<Live2Sleep>: bold
<Doctor-Halsey>: nooooo
<Live2Sleep>: you fail
<Live2Sleep>: *bold*
<Live2Sleep>: there we go
<Doctor-Halsey>: buh
<Doctor-Halsey>: wha
<Live2Sleep>: *into-the-light*
<Doctor-Halsey>: *bold*
<Live2Sleep>: wait
<Live2Sleep>: fuck
<Doctor-Halsey>: oh
*** CI-Recruit is now known as EdAWACS
<NickServ>: This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
<NickServ>: nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,
<NickServ>: please choose a different nick.
<Live2Sleep>: hi EdAWACS
<Doctor-Halsey>: *into-the-light*
<Live2Sleep>: I knew it was you
<Live2Sleep>: and not cad
<Doctor-Halsey>: tech support us Cadawacs
<Live2Sleep>: like Doctor-Halsey thought

EdAWACS set to mode +r

<NickServ>: Password accepted - you are now recognized.

ChanServ has given owner to EdAWACS

ChanServ has given op to EdAWACS

<Doctor-Halsey>: It is
<Doctor-Halsey>: or not
<Doctor-Halsey>: yeah maybe not
<Live2Sleep>: prolly
<Live2Sleep>: not
EdAWACS yawns
EdAWACS flips over on his back like a cat purring
EdAWACS wants tummy rub
<Doctor-Halsey>: high probs ed but I still don't really trust cuz I have been tricked by cad in the past…
Live2Sleep rubs ed's tummy
EdAWACS purrs
<Live2Sleep>: wait
<Live2Sleep>: since when did EdAWACS become a cat .>.
<Live2Sleep>: >.>*
<Doctor-Halsey>: ;>
<Doctor-Halsey>: I no bereev
<EdAWACS>: :3
<EdAWACS>: Meow
<Live2Sleep>: meow
<Doctor-Halsey>: woeM
<EdAWACS>: Guys
<EdAWACS>: I just had another idea for a RP
<Live2Sleep>: well
<Live2Sleep>: cad was supposed to make one
<Live2Sleep>: >:[
<Doctor-Halsey>: ti si stahw
<EdAWACS>: No no
<Live2Sleep>: but he didn't
<Live2Sleep>: oh
<Live2Sleep>: okay
<Doctor-Halsey>: ho
<Doctor-Halsey>: yako
<EdAWACS>: You guys are all familiar with FNAF?
<Doctor-Halsey>: sey
<Doctor-Halsey>: you still remember that post don't you…
<Live2Sleep>: maybe
<Live2Sleep>: what's FNAF?
<Doctor-Halsey>: five nights at freddies
<EdAWACS>: Exacta!
<Live2Sleep>: never heard of it
<Doctor-Halsey>: please tell me that's not it
<EdAWACS>: Well if you heard of Five nights at freddies
<Doctor-Halsey>: fnaf-2?
<EdAWACS>: Than you will be familiar with Three Nights with Teddies!
<Live2Sleep>: …
<Live2Sleep>: :|
<EdAWACS>: The premise is similar to FNAF
<EdAWACS>: Only except you are facing off against SCP-1048
<EdAWACS>: and it's numerous replications
<Live2Sleep>: really
<Live2Sleep>: the 3 teddies
<Live2Sleep>: :|
<Live2Sleep>: fak u
<EdAWACS>: And you have to go through 3 nights
<EdAWACS>: Monitoring the camera's
<EdAWACS>: Closing the doors
<EdAWACS>: Also you are on lockdown
<EdAWACS>: at a remote Foundation Site
<EdAWACS>: and the Teddies are loose
<EdAWACS>: And if they find you
<EdAWACS>: Shit will happen
<Live2Sleep>: this doesn't sound like a very good rp
<Live2Sleep>: it seems kind of boring
<Live2Sleep>: "look for teddies, if found please alert site staff, if found by teddies well your fucked"
<EdAWACS>: Originally I was going with ten nights with teddies
<EdAWACS>: Or a mixture of SCPCB and FNAF
<EdAWACS>: Where you have to find the SCP's FNAF style
<Live2Sleep>: yeah
<Live2Sleep>: I don't think this idea sounds great
<Doctor-Halsey>: would be a fun joke game
<Doctor-Halsey>: not a RP
<EdAWACS>: Ah well
<Live2Sleep>: yeah
<EdAWACS>: Just thought you guys should hear about it
<Doctor-Halsey>: would play it as a game hough
<Doctor-Halsey>: sorry
<EdAWACS>: Still Three Nights With Teddies
<EdAWACS>: That is a clever name you got there Ed
<EdAWACS>: >: )
<Live2Sleep>: Caaaaad :|
<Live2Sleep>: also EdAWACS
<Live2Sleep>: http://falchionvalley.wikidot.com/forum/t-1052744#post-2156390
<Live2Sleep>: I am NOT a her
<Live2Sleep>: >:|
<Live2Sleep>: fak u
<Live2Sleep>: jk
<Live2Sleep>: ilu <3
<Live2Sleep>: anyways
<Live2Sleep>: yeah
<Live2Sleep>: I'm not a girl :|
<EdAWACS>: But you have a boyfriend
<EdAWACS>: Unless >_>
<EdAWACS>: Oh my god Pyro!
<EdAWACS>: I knew it all along!
<Doctor-Halsey>: wut
<Doctor-Halsey>: dafuq
<Doctor-Halsey>: is dis
<Live2Sleep>: wut
<Live2Sleep>: I'm confused
<Live2Sleep>: pyro?
<Live2Sleep>: like tf2 pyro?
<EdAWACS>: Somehow I always knew!
<Live2Sleep>: what?
<EdAWACS>: Nothing
<EdAWACS>: muahahahahaahaaha
<Live2Sleep>: oh
<Live2Sleep>: your calling me gay
<Live2Sleep>: oaky
<EdAWACS>: Nope
<EdAWACS>: That was never implied
<Live2Sleep>: oh
<Live2Sleep>: that was implied
<Live2Sleep>: you said yro"
<EdAWACS>: Moma AWACS never raise no bigots
<Live2Sleep>: and pyro was most likely gay
EdAWACS flips over on the back of his fuselage
EdAWACS strecthes his wings
<Live2Sleep>: you are bad at not implying stuff
<Live2Sleep>: lol
EdAWACS wiggles his landing gear
EdAWACS adjusts his alierons
EdAWACS whines
EdAWACS wants fuselage rub
<Live2Sleep>: :|
<Live2Sleep>: oh yeah EdAWACS
<Live2Sleep>: are you still believing I'm not active enough?
<EdAWACS>: ?
<EdAWACS>: Ehh
<Live2Sleep>: the post I linked
<EdAWACS>: One day isn't considered active
<EdAWACS>: I was thinking long-term
<EdAWACS>: not like everyday
<Live2Sleep>: okay then
<Doctor-Halsey>: Bring the noise
<Doctor-Halsey>: wub wub wub
<EdAWACS>: but still not up to my standards
<Live2Sleep>: noise is bad
<Doctor-Halsey>: I'm out
<Doctor-Halsey>: peace!
<Live2Sleep>: bye
EdAWACS smacks halsey with his wing
<Live2Sleep>: EdAWACS do you mean active as in active on the CI wiki, or active in general
<EdAWACS>: The Former
<Live2Sleep>: since I'm doing SCP image team stuffz as well
<Live2Sleep>: okay
<EdAWACS>: Sorry If I may seem picky
<Live2Sleep>: no it's okay
<EdAWACS>: But not a lot of our staff are as active as I have hoped
<Live2Sleep>: yeah
<Live2Sleep>: lets see
<Live2Sleep>: 3 admins are active
<Live2Sleep>: 0 mods are active
<Live2Sleep>: so
<Live2Sleep>: not so great
<EdAWACS>: Yep
<EdAWACS>: It's practically a skeleton crew
<EdAWACS>: although I can summon reinforcements if need be
<Live2Sleep>: although I assume you know I'm not asking to be staff, just to be a part of the team
<EdAWACS>: Still very hoc-poc
<EdAWACS>: Hmmm……
<Live2Sleep>: if I was gunning for staff I would have been to best member on the site
<EdAWACS>: I'll have to converse with cad regarding the jurisdiction of the CI image team
<Live2Sleep>: okay
<EdAWACS>: We have a somewhat different structure
<Live2Sleep>: I would have thought you would have talked to Nouva, since he's an admin and a member of the image team
<EdAWACS>: Nouva hasn't been very active lately
<EdAWACS>: So Cad is my best bet
<Live2Sleep>: he was on chat just yesterday
<Live2Sleep>: but okay
<Live2Sleep>: so you have a 2 admin team
<EdAWACS>: Also I'll fix up my post on FV
<Live2Sleep>: okay
<Live2Sleep>: thanks
<EdAWACS>: If you do something for me here in caht
<Live2Sleep>: …
<Live2Sleep>: wut
Live2Sleep kneels
Live2Sleep bows
<Live2Sleep>: ;-;
<Live2Sleep>: ur worse than troy
Live2Sleep looks up and despares
<Live2Sleep>: despairs*
Live2Sleep does 10 head knockings
<Live2Sleep>: wait
<Live2Sleep>: what the fuck am I doing
<Live2Sleep>: I can just have Cad fix the post
<EdAWACS>: The basesix stove
<Live2Sleep>: no
<EdAWACS>: Now!
<Live2Sleep>: I threw out the basesix stove 7 years ago
<Live2Sleep>: you dumb bass's turd
<Live2Sleep>: if you know what I mean
EdAWACS mock slaps live2sleep
EdAWACS puts his feet in live2sleep's head
<Live2Sleep>: ;-;
<Live2Sleep>: wait
<Live2Sleep>: /inside/ my head?
<EdAWACS>: on
<EdAWACS>: on
<Live2Sleep>: fak u
<EdAWACS>: On your head
<EdAWACS>: Now beg for mercy!
<Live2Sleep>: no
Live2Sleep burns Ed's lower body away
Live2Sleep with magical flamethrower I randomly found
<EdAWACS>: Fool!
<EdAWACS>: You are no match against me in elemental magic!
<Live2Sleep>: well I need to go
<Live2Sleep>: pls fix post
<Live2Sleep>: bye
<EdAWACS>: Anyways you have made be laugh
<EdAWACS>: So I will change it
<EdAWACS>: I will grant thee they wish this time
EdAWACS bestows upon Live2Die Die2Live powers

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