Log 11/25/2014

23:50 ProcyonLotor Even if it was true, that's really not even the pertinent issue.
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23:50 EdAWACS Sorry about the abrupt quit
23:50 EdAWACS Evening gentlemen
23:50 Tox|Work not even slightly
23:50 Tox|Work and it's not even borderline acceptable for Scantron to have said that
23:51 ProcyonLotor Absolutely not.
23:51 Tox|Work so Moose is either willfully lying or an idiot
23:51 Tox|Work w/r/t "(A) fuck your authoritarian white supremacist bullshit"
23:51 EdAWACS Are we talking about the issue relating to Scantron's outburst against echo?
23:51 Tox|Work Yes
23:51 Tox|Work ProcyonLotor: I could easily believe either case
23:52 ProcyonLotor There's a lot of bad blood there. I can honestly seeing someone believing Echo's a supremacist, without it being true at al.
23:52 ProcyonLotor When you dislike a person, makes it a lot easier to swallow stuff about them.
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Topic set by EdAWACS on Mon Nov 24 2014 23:52:35 GMT-0800 (太平洋标准时间)
23:52 EdAWACS Mind if I hop in guys?
23:53 ProcyonLotor Yr channel, afterall
23:53 EdAWACS From my point of view
23:53 Tox|Work I…can't, really. Not once in any conversation I've had has Echo given me reason to believe he's a white supremacist
23:53 EdAWACS ^
23:53 EdAWACS Echo doesn't seem like a white supermcist
23:53 EdAWACS or a skin head
23:53 EdAWACS as some people call them
23:53 Tox|Work "Look at these particular blacks, fucking up again" does not a white supremacist make
23:53 EdAWACS Nothing from my conversations with him have detailed that
23:54 EdAWACS I mean he is blunt and sometimes darkly humorous
23:54 ProcyonLotor He's had a long history of racist jokes, and general insensitivity according to some of the logs I've seen when voting on his demotion.
23:54 ProcyonLotor Enough to make him a supremacist?
23:54 ProcyonLotor God no.
23:54 EdAWACS Nope
23:54 ProcyonLotor But enough that someone who already disliked him could reasonably say that with a minimum of cognitive dissonance? Possibly.
23:55 EdAWACS But the thing that's strange is why the outburst from Scantron?
23:55 Tox|Work Yeah, but he makes jokes about everything equally
23:55 EdAWACS That was out of the blue
23:55 Tox|Work EdAWACS: Scantron hates Echo
23:55 EdAWACS Really?
23:55 ProcyonLotor Scantron is also a fuckwit
23:55 EdAWACS Scantron seems more AFK
23:55 Tox|Work ^
23:55 EdAWACS to me
23:55 Tox|Work The fuckest of wits.
23:55 EdAWACS mostly on chat
23:55 EdAWACS He's a meme guy
23:55 ProcyonLotor I wish he was even more AFK
23:55 ProcyonLotor Not nearly AFK enough.
23:56 Tox|Work I wish he and keyboards didn't occupy the same zip code
23:56 EdAWACS I don't know Scantron as well as you guys
23:56 ProcyonLotor He mainly sticks to non-19 chats, Ed.
23:56 Tox|Work EdAWACS: thank whatever power you believe in for that.
23:56 EdAWACS And I haven't seen him around much
23:56 EdAWACS I mean aside from the mainsite
23:56 Tox|Work He's "lel so edgy meme meme meme meme meme"
23:56 EdAWACS SCP wiki that is
23:56 ProcyonLotor Trust me, if I could lower my daily scantron exposure without dereliction of duty, I would.
23:58 EdAWACS shrugs
23:58 Tox|Work EdAWACS: Yeah
23:58 Tox|Work be g;ad
23:58 Tox|Work *glad
23:58 EdAWACS Well I don't come on chat much at all now
23:58 Tox|Work he's a stupid, white-knight, SJW, Gomer Pyle-looking motherfucker
23:59 ProcyonLotor Honestly, the memes annoy me more, but I'm well and used to tuning sjw stuff out
23:59 ProcyonLotor but if there's one thing that gets my goat, it's post-irony
00:00 EdAWACS Tolerance is a virtue not a curse
00:00 Tox|Work No, fuck tolerance, EdAWACS
00:00 Tox|Work Seriously.
00:00 ProcyonLotor Everything in moderation.
00:00 ProcyonLotor There's stuff folks are obligated to tolerate, and stuff they shouldn't be.
00:00 Tox|Work There comes a time when you shouldn't expect of yourself, nor expect of another, to continue to tolerate bullshit.
00:01 EdAWACS Well seeing as I came from a strict childhood, I guess I've been hardwired to tolerate things
00:01 EdAWACS So my personal outlook is probably quite contrasting to others
00:04 EdAWACS I'm finishing up my term paper for The picture of Dorian Gray
00:04 EdAWACS One paper down
00:04 EdAWACS one term paper left to go
00:04 Tox|Work *SATAN*
00:04 EdAWACS Anyone read that novel before?

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