Log 12/8/2014
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<e_e> kojcewska…?
<e_e> steffie

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<e_e> Casbur
<e_e> ?
<Casbur> I no Cadbury
<Casbur> I…
<e_e> Im not sure to trust that or not

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<e_e> after the Halsey-Live2Die incident
<e_e> oh see
<e_e> im right
<Abrasieiei> I ABRASIEIEI
<e_e> That dizzies me
<Abrasieiei> Also I should register me nick
<Abrasieiei> why is esky here?
<e_e> He followed me
<e_e> from site 19
<e_e> #site19
<e_e> By using whois command
<Abrasieiei> i cant imagine the interest a
<Abrasieiei> for basesix
<e_e> he was intrigued by my name
<e_e> my awesome, philosophical one
<e_e> e_E
<e_e> e_e
<Abrasieiei> At least they feel our PRESENCE

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<AbRasie_ei> Assimilation successful
<e_e> What r u doing
<e_e> stahp
<AbRasie_ei> Huurrr
<e_e> copyright infringement
<e_e> noo
<AbRasie_ei> I'm e_e and I made Pincer
<e_e> Nooo
<AbRasie_ei> My agent name is Hugh
<AbRasie_ei> Hurrr
<e_e> at least you don't know my plans for the character
<e_e> phew
<AbRasie_ei> bitch pls
<AbRasie_ei> You dont know *my* character
<e_e> My character is going to change quite a lot
<e_e> if youve read my sandbox
<e_e> and in that case don't
<AbRasie_ei> Like Ed
<e_e> so you cant impersonate meh
<e_e> Ed?
<AbRasie_ei> Lurkers' headcanon
<e_e> Ed is edward/edison grimshire deny
<AbRasie_ei> is that there are a lot of Eds
<e_e> edison denhai
<AbRasie_ei> Denhai
<e_e> lol
<AbRasie_ei> That guy from a11y
<e_e> and his loyalist counterpart eddy denson
<AbRasie_ei> That was cad's spite move
<e_e> fuck him he confused me
<e_e> took me centuries to be clear
<AbRasie_ei> SPITEFUL
<AbRasie_ei> srsly tho.. grimshire?
<AbRasie_ei> i will continue the confusion
<e_e> what
<e_e> about grimshire
<AbRasie_ei> i am already drafting Edmund Dender
<AbRasie_ei> Grimshire sounds cheesy
<AbRasie_ei> and like he watched too much anime
<e_e> …i think he does
<AbRasie_ei> why the quietness around the site?
<AbRasie_ei> everyone disappeared
<AbRasie_ei> cad, ed, l2d, gucci
<AbRasie_ei> strate, even halsey
<AbRasie_ei> Steffie, I've met in chat a while back. had similar sentiments
<e_e> cad is facing a typhoon
<e_e> Ed has college shtuff
<e_e> l2d had a "shit tonne of work"
<e_e> gucci…dunno
<AbRasie_ei> "cad is facing a typhoon"
<AbRasie_ei> you sound metal as fucj
<e_e> yes
<e_e> When you live in the Philippines, you will become like cad
<e_e> eating typhoons for breakfast
<AbRasie_ei> snip this nao
<e_e> moi?
<AbRasie_ei> phone
<e_e> fffffine…
<AbRasie_ei> i am always on phone whenever i chat

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<MysteryCI-Recruit> hue hue hue hue
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> mysteries…
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> fawk
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> OPs!
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> Ban!
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> Ban!
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> Ban!
<MysteryCI-Recruit> No fugga u
<e_e> Sax
<MysteryCI-Recruit> fickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> ProcyonGone
<e_e> Eskaway
<MysteryCI-Recruit> dickery
<e_e> One of you!
<Eskaway> i'm getting him, hang on
<MysteryCI-Recruit> cries for help

<e_e> thank gods Esky
<Eskaway> Huh. We have no record of him. Sorry.
<e_e> I was assaulted by a dickery-spammer
<Eskaway> I'm getting procyon in here momentarily.
<e_e> :(
<Eskaway> once he looks at his screen again
<e_e> Good thank you

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<e_e> Hi procyonlotor
<e_e> we've got a problem
<ProcyonLotor> I have been summoned
<ProcyonLotor> Which is?
<e_e> There's this guy named MysteryCI-Recruit who spammed
<e_e> "dickery"
<ProcyonLotor> Not much I can do at the moment. I'll compile logs and send them to folks when I return to comp

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<CI-Recruit> you've never seen me before
<CI-Recruit> but we are everywhere
<ProcyonLotor> Hahaha.
<CI-Recruit> we are in your website
<ProcyonLotor> You're not scaring anyone
<CI-Recruit> and we will strike soon

<ProcyonLotor> Probably torin.
<Eskaway> probably
<Eskaway> i figure
<Eskaway> but e_e seemed to know them, to some extent
<Eskaway> not that I know e_e to /any/ extent to speak of
<ProcyonLotor> e_e has raised hackles in the past
<ProcyonLotor> They tend to not be good at boundaries or not being an idiot

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<Eskaway> sounds right

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<Eskaway> they also seemed familiar with /me/, which suggested that they had been on the wrong side of our sort of justice too
<ProcyonLotor> e_e?
<ProcyonLotor> They're not on the main wiki much
<ProcyonLotor> A few stupid posts in the past

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<Eskobear> no, the spammer person
<Eskobear> seemed familiar with me

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<cadbury> internet's back, guys
<cadbury> how'
<cadbury> is everyone?

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<e_e> …

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<ProcyonLotor> Sax, you about?
<Sax> Yes.
<Sax> Only for 15 or so.
<e_e> hi
<Sax> ProcyonLotor, what do you need?
<ProcyonLotor> Troll earlier, needs a ban
<Sax> IP?

  • ChanServ sets mode +a on #BaseSix Sax

<ProcyonLotor> "*!*@F29E4B75.D2627FDF.39F9E7BB.IP"

  • Sax sets ban on *!*@F29E4B75.D2627FDF.39F9E7BB.IP

<e_e> How did you find out the IP?

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<ProcyonLotor> Magic.

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