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Dr. Lander upon being located after Incident-038-500.

Name: Dr. Lander

Security Clearance: Alpha

Duties: Recovery agent, field evaluation.

History: Dr. Lander was originally part of the SCP Foundation serving as a Mobile Task Force member in the squad Delta-█ ("███████"). During a Chaos Insurgency raid at a G2 Site, Dr. Lander was found laying down in a service tunnel, holding what appears to be the remains of the commander of Delta-█.

Upon taking Dr. Lander into custody, he was found to have been infected with SCP-008. After Dr. Kaller had reviewed his Foundation file, he had decided to allow Dr. Lander to be healed by the ████ ██ ███████, stating that Lander could prove useful to the CI.

Dr. Lander has expressed disinterest in documenting and researching items, and prefers to assist in raids and recovery missions. He has proven to be a valuable asset to the CI. He has been very talkative with other site members, often playing practical jokes on other personnel.

When Dr. Lander was granted Beta clearance, he was assigned to a stealth mission which involved sneaking into an SCP Foundation site and creating copies of SCP-500 through SCP-038 (See Document 038-500). Upon being sent into the site contact was lost with him for five (5) months. He was eventually found in the █████ Desert, approximately 200 kilometers away from the site he was assigned to. Upon recovery, he stated that he doesn't remember anything from the past few months.

After this incident staff had noticed that Dr. Lander had started to become less and less talkative as the months went on. He had begun to take overnight overnight shifts and participate less and less in raids. As of now the only person Dr. Lander has conversation with is Dr. Kaller, often aiding him in assignments.

Personnel have requested on several occasions for Dr. Lander to be revoked of his Beta clearance, however Dr. Kaller has denied every request. Seven (7) months after the events of document 038-500, Dr. Lander was promoted to Alpha clearance.

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