Old Item Classifications


However, all members should take note of the essential three:

  • Vertigo - refers to Safe items, Safely Euclid1 items, or items which may be dangerous/unpredictable but can be aggressively changed to be safe. Hostile items that can be easily stopped also belong here.

Another factor to think of is that Vertigo items usually are stored easily, however, that isn't the case if you want.

  • Xeno - refers to Euclid proper, dangerous items, unpredictable items and Keter-level items,2.
  • Omega - refers to Keter-level and very dangerous items. They can still be easily contained, but an unsupervised breach, usage or release of the item can spell disaster.


Threat levels

Threat levels would be prefaced with "High", "Medium", or "Low" to show what the risk level is, and the actual level would show what kind of damage it can to. If it does not fit into any of the below categories, it will be prefaced with "Caerus." All CI projects would have a "threat level" of some form.

  • Ananke: Local effect, with personal damage almost always being involved.
  • Menoetius: A Weapon of some form, or an item that can be turned into a WMD. Very dangerous, but only under certain circumstances.
  • Apate: It would have an effect on one person at a time, though multiple may (but not always) suffer the effects of the object. Often an Apate object will deceive the user, be it through manipulation of local area, a deceptive appearance, or another method.
  • Caerus: A "Jack of All" term for any object. Used if it fits into no other category.
  • Dysnomia: Effects can extend through an entire city or country, often a memetic effect.
  • Khaos: Possibly effects the entire planet, possibly able to wipe life off the face of the earth or some other extreme effect. Reserved for the most powerful objects or any object capable of ending the world, such as Von Neumann Machines

Containment Levels:

  • Eulabeia : Containment and operation of this object focuses on secrecy and discretion.
  • Poros : Containment of the object requires special procedures and focuses on restraint and storage of the object.
  • Apheleia : Simple containment, with little else but bare essentials. Not an overbearing amount of security.
  • Aporia : Extensive containment; focuses on item's custody and storage, more resources for containment due to dangers posed to us.
  • Lethe : Make up your own definition for this. Be creative.
  • Other : Anything not fitting into the above.
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