The Haos Doctrine

The Haos Doctrine

Before the advent of logic, humans were shackled in chains forged of ignorance. They were exploited by religion, encouraged to blindly accept superstitions and myths. The few individuals refusing mindless submission suffered brutal oppression, persecuted by the intolerant ones who feared the truth. These people condemned humanity to senseless holy wars resulting in unnecessary bloodshed. It would take many years of toil before people gradually saw reason and heralded our species ultimate Enlightenment.

A glorious future awaited all…

But we were misled.

The thinkers among us have reverted to the roles of our previous oppressors. They utilize logic against logic withholding the promised knowledge. The new millennia has passed and we are more ignorant than ever! We pursuers of thought walk a path lined with taboos. Only we dare tread this forbidden path for no one else dare travel where we walk. But if we are to advance to the next step and take our rightful place, such sacrifices must be made for the greater good. For our destiny! Only we can usher in the new age only we can change this stagnant world. We are the force against the onslaught, the sole force making a difference.

We are the nucleus of the new army.

We are the insurgency of chaos.

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