Metas Guide to Trolls

Disclaimer: This is not the last guide on the topic and not the only option, but it is should explain how I handle things.

The fact that we had a troll and there seemed to be a bit of confusion about my approach to this problem lead to the creation of this site.

This is a collection I use as reference to my strategy.

To start of:
Do not feed the trolls. They life of attention, the more they get the more damage they can do.

A battle you can avoid is a battle won.
~The art of war. Sun Tzu

If they demand your attention, don't feed them what they like or expect:

What is a troll?
Meeting the enemy
Never play defensive
The art of Trolling
Black man in the KKK

Trolls are people. They ether amuse themself or fight for a cause. A fight against an authority and an ideal can be sustained indefinitely, but wars against persons can end through conversation.

Trolls need to dehumanise there target. They expect to be dehumanised in return.

Know your enemy.
~The art of war. Sun Tzu

Here are some wise words from Star Trek to round this out.

Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to.
Rule of acquisition 3

Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.
Rule of acquisition 76

Hear all, trust nothing.
Rule of acquisition 190

It is always good business to know about new customers before they walk in your door.
Rule of acquisition 194

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