What is the Future?


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  • The future is what is yet to come, of what would happen in the unforeseen time, We are the Future.

  • 'Cause in the future, these will be the good ol' daaaaa-aaays.

  • The future is what we, as humans, will create and bring into the world. A new era that will bring together nations and create true peace.

  • The future is life giving you another chance to prove you're worth something to the people you failed in the present.

  • The future is the next part in the story, your story. The future is not what you were, or are now, but what you plan to do with what was given to you in those times.

  • The future? The future is a dirty, nasty thing, that we must wrench from the entrails of the present and clean off the blood of the past. But it sure as hell looks better than the present or past.

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  • The future is when the war between the nerds and the weenies is won. The nerds shall be victorious, and we shall forever be in a nerd land.
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